Financing Abortion Travel

All I can do is talk about my experience with my employer for 20 years and sorry mate I am not posting internal reports online. Dont believe me if you want to. But my posting history going back to day 1 has been consistent with my experience in health insurance.

Sorry if the facts contradict your view. No skin off my nose if you dont believe me.

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If it’s your area of expertise I just assumed you could also find public data, guess not.

Well if that was the case why would we not see a higher percentage of employees taking advantage of an annual physical which is at no cost to them? Trust me employers have tried so many different incentives and still its a benefit that while utilized could be used significantly more.

Not really mate. I rely on our health data teams to gather that. I do all my research from that. They have the know how and tech to compile all the research data we ever need.

But as I said I have no problem if you think I am ■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Just because you don’t submit an abortion to your insurance doesn’t mean you didn’t have one. No reason to hide a physical.

I don’t think one way or the other, nobody here gets credit as an expert as far as just taking their word for something. That’s not how it works in anonymous land.

Sure okay, you could be right but obviously many employers do not think that as they have abortion benefits and some are adding travel and lodging.

Just as a fyi I am not talking about fully insured health plans. That is not my area of expertise and currently we only have a handful of employers who are looking at Travel and Lodging benefits.

On the flip side there are some Catholic employers who while obviously do not have abortion benefits give access to counseling for those woman seeking abortions.

No employer should be forced to cover abortions and I do not agree with any type of legislation regarding that.

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I’m sorry, what?

It’s values like this that fuel the destruction of such movements as feminism.

I’m not even willing to give that one a minute of consideration, considering my employer provides health care services.

If we’re going to provide them with a garbage value like paying for abortion travels, then we need to stop talking about nondiscrimination, diversity and prioritizing patients since clearly some potential patients are more fungible than others.

Why is it a garbage value? If your employer is considering it then they must have employees in impacted states.

Does your employer perform abortions anywhere within its healthcare services?

Wrong. It’s the hot topic right now so it gives all these “noble” corporations an excuse to virtue signal.


We don’t perform surgical procedures. All I’m willing to say is we’re not a GYN clinic.

It’s a garbage value because it’s double talk. There’s plenty of talk out of one end of the mouth about no discrimination and valuing our patients, and talk out of the other end about paying for transportation to eliminate potential patients.

There’s talk about acceptance of handicapped and inclusion in the workplace, yet also talk of acceptance of abortion as an option for handicapped infants. Wut?

I guess that inclusion is only for handicaps that can be accommodated. None of our jobs are of a nature that, say, the average person with Downs Syndrome could do, so I guess DS individuals are considered disposable.

It’s a lot if double talk, which is why it’s a garbage value. Did I mention many abortion clinics are situated in minority dominated neighborhoods, and utilized by residents of those neighborhoods, and we’re talking non discrimination of minorities?

If we’re going to pay for transit for women wanting abortions, we IMO should cease and desist talking about patients well being, diversity and acceptance, since it clearly isn’t indicated for everyone.

Nah no one is virtue signalling well maybe a few …. but you would be surprised at how seriously many business leaders take healthcare benefits. After all they use them as well.

Though I absolutely understand the cyncism.

You make a valid point so not going to dismiss it. Not that I necessarily agree with it.

If your employer already offers abortion under its health plan why is this extension such a big deal?

That’s part of my argument. It’s a popular topic and gives an appearance of caring about employee well being.

Keep in mind this was awhile back, before HIPAA, medical privacy laws. A young male employee had a progressive autoimmune disorder and sought treatment from a specialist outside the region.

Insurance covered his treatment, but not his travel expenses. His supervisor, God bless her, was open about what was taking place and asked if anyone was willing to help with Scott’s travel expenses, get with her—which a number of us did, and he sent a beautiful note of thanks.

So, travel for therapeutic purposes, be lucky to get a gofundme, travel for abortion, you got it, not a problem. Seems to be the opposite of what medical travel should be, to help all patients involved.


Again they could virtue signal before. Abortion has alway been cheaper than maternity leave.

That’s just it. I have no clue at all if they offer abortion as a healthcare benefit. I wasn’t even willing to consider it with the one pregnancy, so I’ve never inquired.

I’ve only heard it mentioned

as an option for potentially handicapped infants. and

recently with the return of abortion rights to the states.

Here’s insurance of coverage for abortion by state. It appears Massachusetts is really in a gray area:

Honestly I always thought insurance didn’t cover elective procedures and it was up to the patients to pay themselves. And here’s where I see another wrong in those states that require insurance to cover abortion in at least some cases.

If a patient is so myopic they’re upping the ante for retinal diseases and they’re outside the acceptable range for LASIK, insurance considers an intraocular lens implant elective surgery, so won’t cover.,elective%2C%20so%20it%20is%20not%20covered%20by%20insurance.

I’ve known a few who fit this severely myopic description. It’s a problem that ages the eyes and one has already had retinal retachment surgery, so this description of it as “elective” is very sad.

That implant could improve their vision & reduce their dependence on glasses, but that’s “unnecessary surgery, not covered”. Abortion, which serves no therapeutic purpose to one party involved, not a problem.

I have a problem with that.


Your plan document will tell you if abortion is covered.

Remember if your employer is self funded then the health insurance company only administers the plan. They do not decide benefits but follow the intent of the client.

And yes I agree there are times when different benefits seem to contradict each other or you scratch your head as to why one service is covered and not another. I have come across that myself personally with my own coverage.

If self funded plan is an ERISA plan then broadly speaking they only have to comply with Federal law and not state law. (There are some exceptions). This is just one reason why employers like these type of arrangements.

So if a health plan is ERISA then a state mandate to cover abortion or travel and lodging would not apply to them.

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New “Brandon” rule…no female employees hired under the age of 40. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I’m talking about Biden’s EO. I know companies can do as they wish in this regard.