Financing Abortion Travel

Barring action like the above, Roe v Wade has been overturned, its provisions returned to each individual state.

Some companies are offering the benefit of paid transportation to other states in the event an employee resides in a state that doesn’t allow abortion. Here is a sample list:

Has anyone else’s employer mentioned offering this benefit? It’s strictly in the discussion stage at mine, and I’ve been pretty up front about offering that coverage being a bad path to take, but privately with one higher up, not frothing at the mouth openly.

My message was how we cannot claim tolerance and prioritizing patients when clearly some are considered disposable. If quality of care for all lives isn’t our goal, we shouldn’t be preaching it.

In the event corporate gives in, I simply will no longer refer anyone to open positions and will refer family and friends to other providers. Fight back through the bottom line.

Is anyone else hearing something similar from their management on the job?

Much cheaper than maternity leave. Think about it.

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My company is talking about it. Tech company. We have offices in Austin. So there is a major push to support it from that location.

If this was the motivation, then they didn’t need Roe to be over turned to offer the benefit.

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Wouldn’t the Hyde amendment prohibit this?

Not if a private company pays.

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I am actually knee deep in this work and have been for the last several weeks. A number of our self insured clients want to put in place a Travel and Lodging benefit for those employees who live in a state where abortion is now illegal.

I applaud these employers who are putting their own employees health first. My own employer is also putting in place a travel and lodging benefit.

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Yeah, it’s altruism.

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Its not a matter of your employer giving in but considering the health and well being of their employees. If elective abortions are already covered under your current health plan this really is not a much of an extension.

It’s a smart business move, funding an abortion saves the employer money, of course, he may not be able to find workers later due to all of the abortions businesses like his funded.


Actually it is. In talking to our clients it is obvious employers are concerned. abortion is one of the least utilized benefits. Out of X million self insured covered members last year we had less than 400 abortion claims.

Many employers know the value of investing in comprehensive health benefits not only because it helps the business but because its the right thing to do.

I work with the decision makers at these employers on a daily basis so I am talking from direct experience.

:rofl::+1:t4: You really believe that.

I am sure the fact that it saves them money never crossed their minds.


Abortion is one of the least used benefits for self insured health insurance plans. And i can say that definitively because I was looking at the claims data over the last few weeks as part of my job.

Not all plans cover them. There is no law requiring health plans or employers to cover elective abortion.

Some employers really just pay lip service but many are genuinely interested in helping their employees. Like I said this is my playpen and has been for over 10 years. This is one area I can say I am highly qualified whereas my friend you have not.

You always ask others when they served when topics pertaining to the military are discussed so I am asking you how many employers have you advised and helped in the last 10 years in setting up and administering their health insurance and specialty plans? How many employers are you in contact with on a daily basis ranging from those with a few hundred employees to tens of thousands employees?

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No there is not but over 90% of our Self insured clients do. This compromises of many millions of members and we had less than 400 abortion claims last year.

Why rely on your expert status, which you can’t prove on an anonymous board, when the data should be easy for you to find and link?

Might have something to do with stigma and low cost. That may change if it gets more expensive.

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