Finally Got Some Marijuana

So I finally bottomed out with my physical pain, both migraine & osteoarthritis. Both decided to hang out together last Sunday.

Finally couldn’t take it any more now that the latter can be very painful when lying down & it hurt to both try stretching & walking. So I visited the public dispensary in the town about a half hour away.

Really mellow, welcoming place with a shuttle bus between parking & the dispensary. Explained to the young woman behind the counter I wouldn’t smoke, so she offered some edible choices & I took the cookies.

You sign agreements not to drive while using so once home I ate a cookie. 4.5mg THC, took a short nap really quickly.

I can walk and even do some simple stretches with a lot more ease. Hopefully every state will make marijuana legal.


Happy to hear it gave you some relief!

Couldn’t resist :wink:


I’m glad that you were able to find a dosage that works for you. I never liked edibles because of how long it takes to take effect, and the unpredictability of how much you were going to get. That’s why I switched to vaping. It’s not the same as smoking, but my lungs are happier, and the marijuana effects kick in immediately in the same way that smoking does.


Same thing; especially with stuff being baked unevenly. Either feel nothing or get way too high and no way to tell until it kicks in in 45 mins

Vaping is super easy now. There are even disposable cartridges now. Super convenient and discrete.

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Im glad you have found something to give you some relief.

I’ve been wondering about osteoarthritis. I’ve had some unbearable evenings when I overdid things at work or whatever and that ■■■■ doesn’t get better over time. I can’t take NSAIDS anymore, they give me palpitations, though they were working quite well for a while. I’m not desperate just yet, but I know that day is coming.

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That sounds like the ticket for me.

My wife just stated smoking after years and year of opiods for a plethora of medical problems.

At least now I don’t have to worry about her accidentally OD’ing on Oxy.


Actually went to bed & took a longer nap & could actually change position and get up & walk with less discomfort.

Edible kicks in right away if you’re a new user & have little to eat beforehand. Find a dispensary & give weed a try.


thats so good to hear!

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medical weed vs highly addict opioids you made the right choice.


Pffft. ■■■■■■■ stoner…

Kidding. Lol. I had migraines for years. Spent many work days working extra hard to focus through the pain, vertigo, tinnitus, photophobia, and numb, tingling hands. I was a lucky one. It seems that most of this was caused by slowly rising blood pressure. It’s been fascinating as a medical professional to watch the trajectory of medical marijuana. Of course it met with all the usual moral outrage at first but the stories and studies keep piling up. It’s really becoming a needed revolution in management of pain and nausea. I really hope that the body of knowledge just continues to grow.


A medical dispensary is opening up 1/2 mile from my house.

thats good to hear

hopefully the driving rules are followed

Why wouldn’t they?

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I don’t know if we have vaping capable medication yet, but I’m sure we will before long.

I live on a county line between two cities. They limit how many can open in each county and some cities are dragging their feet, but not the two by me lol. There are five or six within a twenty minute drive, with two of them just five minutes.

Marijuana really helped my IT band, just as good as Advil (and much better on the stomach). I unfortunately get way too paranoid and I think it triggered a lot of anxiety/depression in me. But it really helped with inflammation. Everyone reacts different…

…wayyy better than getting addicted to or ODing on opioids