Finally, an admission of groping a drunk girl

What’s coming out right now, is the 1982 Yearbook from the Girls Prep School of the accuser. This is a bombshell. Although the yearbooks were scrubbed from the Internet, David Knight of Infowars, breaks the story. Alumni from the school released their own Yearbook which has plenty of “Wild Parties were the norm.” Writeups in the Yearbook…

The Yearbook story begins well into the video. Actually quite hilarious. This leftist insanity is the dumbest thing ever. If you hate the USA so much and want to be China…then move to China now please.

The Yearbook segment begins at 1 hr 38 min into video

I am done derailing Ishy’s thread. This has been rehashed too often. It makes you no less a liberal since you are using victims…

Ohh spare me the theatrics.

Infowars is not a source, sorry to break it to you.

So if a girl kisses you, that means you can grab her breast even if she doesn’t want you to and pushes your hand away?

What theatrics. you mean hystrionics:

If you ever see the light and decide to switch sides, I will be glad to introduce you to the freedom of unshackled thinking (which, I admit, you seem acquainted with already) and identification of nefarious lies told by the left (to which you are oblivious).

Nope! But Booger thinks that was acceptable.

Oh boy.

what Booker

This was a gotcha thread. I am comparing the lack of known facts.

Not sure why you responded to that particular post. :slight_smile: But thank you for the offer I think I will stick with reality… for now.

There are more unknown facts in the Ford Allegations than the Ellison, Booger and sherrod brown! No but they are paragons of virtue to you guys, who should continue on with the DNC fight.

No it was not meant as a gotcha thread. The facts of one case are presented as confessions by the perp. The facts of the other case are completely unknown… or if there even is a case.

Ok let’s review the facts. Booker thinks unwanted groping by a teenage boy means you are unfit for office. One man has been accused with zero evidence to back it up, one man has admitted he did it. Booker needs to resign.


Booger, Sherrod Brown and Keith Ellison, the DNC love their sexual predators! They Embrace them!

What paragons of virtue? if you haven’t realize it yet, it ain’t Senator Al Franken no more. Though i am not sure he gets to keep the title after he resigns.

I cant heart your post enough!

if the woman from Booker’s story comes out and says that this was not proper, i wholeheartedly agree

Im making the statement that your entire party are nothing but frauds! Its not about victims its all about power.

How do you know she hasnt?

Or is fearful of accusing a senator.