Finally, a sane ruling by a court

A mail box is not a ballot box. Postal workers are not poll workers.

obviously, the case is not over. It’s nice to see a sane court when it comes to elections. You are responsible for assuring your vote arrives at the polling place by the time polls close no matter which way you CHOOSE to vote. Not the post office. The post office is not responsible for your choices, they are responsible for delivering mail. There should be no special actions taken by them beyond normal care, regular hours and following their daily routine.

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This has NOTHING to do with acquiring an accurate tally of votes.


It DOES have to do with the thought that more democrats will vote by mail and republicans want as many of those votes disqualified as possible.

There is no other issue at hand.

Not voter fraud or some high minded bull ■■■■ about voting day is voting day, those are excuses. It’s pure partisan election antics.


awwwe… are we upset? there there now.

there is one issue and one issue only. legally casting a ballot. a post office box is not a ballot box and postal workers are not poll workers. polls close when they close and it is the voters responsibility to ensure their vote arrives on time.


Just stating some facts for for the prevaricating partisans.

I can’t understand why people have an issue with that. Certainly, they have plenty of time to get to a ballot box.

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the only prevaricating partisan i see here is you. the law is being upheld. you are responsible to get your vote into the polling place before the polls close. as it should be.

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Many states see it differently. The one and only goal in this entire flap is to disqualify opposition votes.

There is no other impetus involved.

the impetus is to follow the law. all states should see it this way. recruiting federal postal workers as involuntary poll workers should be illegal. when your vote goes into the ballot box you have voted. intent is not enough. when the polls close they close. people irresponsibly intending and failing to vote on time is their problem.


We understand. You are a liberal. Liberals don’t like the law as written being enforced and you think that therefore the offending law should be overridden in practice. No surprise there. This is the general attitude of liberals to the law.

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And the law in many states is mail by election day. It’s good enough for the IRS it’s good enough for voting.

Republicans don’t want to count all the votes, nothing more at play here.


Gun toting libertarian.


voting in your states election isn’t paying federal taxes.

no, not good enough. recruiting federal postal employees as involuntary poll workers should be illegal.

leftist playing at claiming otherwise. nothing more

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LOL. All they need to do is deliver the mail same as always. And that ALWAYS includes critically important pieces of mail.

normal care, the post office closes at 5pm. postmen do not pick-up or deliver mail at night.


funny, nope. reformed never trumper. didn’t even vote for him. will this time.

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Clearly it’s my responsibility for how long it takes the Postal Service to deliver my mail.

clearly it is your responsibility to send time sensitive mail early enough for it to be on time.


And your defense of everything he does speaks volumes.