Fighting Islamophobia for the Muslim vote

total lie.

one of the biggest whoppers ever offered on the forum in my 21 years on this forum.


I expect a well-publicized campaign to root out rude comments on college campuses and subway cars, while Moslem civilians get massacred by the truck load using US-supplied weapons. Likewise I expect a similar program to root out antisemitism from white nationalists, as antisemitic violence from people of color continues to explode.

We will see how well that works.

truth hurts. I give you the squad for example. All those people protesting in NYC are not alt right. Those college professors and groups are not right. The Hollywood types are not right.

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and i could show website after website that are far right who really are anti semitic.

most of democratic congress (despite the hysterics of right) support Jewish and are not anti semitic. there will always be radicals (jewish space lasers anyone.)

leadership is firmly supportive the jewish community.

and of course the vast majority of Jewish americans support the Democratic party and democratic party principles.

despite the hand wringing of the right.


There are good people on both sides.


No it’s not. It’s true.

how do you reconcile with yourself when 36 current congresspeople are Jewish and 35 are dems and one lone republican.

those of the jewish faith make up 13% of the elected democrats in congress including the majority leader in the senate.

that doesnt scream anti semitism to me.


Vastly over-represented

75% of Jews vote democrat

Jews don’t run as republican

Your party has a couple of very major problems with identity groups.


mainly be because they will lose.

remember eric Cantor?

from the NY times website from June 10, 2014:

“WASHINGTON — In one of the most stunning primary election upsets in congressional history, the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, was soundly defeated on Tuesday by a Tea Party-backed economics professor who had hammered him for being insufficiently conservative.”

up and coming hot shot jewish republican

gone with the wind.


Nope. Don’t you know that Hamas is just an idea, not an org. Just like antifa.

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Yes, because 75% of Jews vote democrat.

how do you reconcile the fact all the antisemitic congressman are Libs? How do you reconcile all the demonstrations around the country are leftist? You can’t point out one demonstrations by a right group I bet.

and why is that?

republicans in America simply dont represent jewish values nationwide.

Democrats do.

which is why they are over represented in congress for the dems and unrepresented for the reps.


Oh look more antisemitic righties :roll_eyes:

“Young Democratic Party voters are reportedly reconsidering supporting President Biden’s re-election in 2024 thanks to his commitment to support Israel’s war effort against Hamas.”


oh no more righties🙄


There was also a person on a float holding the Palestinian flag

oh look some more righties :roll_eyes:

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oh look more righties :roll_eyes:


Shows how they’re targeting school kids into their hatred. Imagine what they kids will be in 20 years.


Why not show examples of what you’re implying that have happened around the country. It’s easy to show examples of the far left and the absolute violence they are both promoting and doing.