Fighting Islamophobia for the Muslim vote

this is going to be an interesting position when an Islamic terrorist explodes in a heavily populated domestic area… and as had been said many times: do we really think that none of the millions of undocumented “immigrants” are terrorists with less than angelic intentions?


Besides that. With the current wave of antisemitism going on in the US ( mostly on the left) biden decided he wants to align himself with the biggest antisemites in the world.




His support from the group had already fallen to 35% before the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

The poll also marked the first time since it was taken in 1997 that a majority of Arab-Americans did not identify as Democrats. 32% said they identified as Republicans and 31% as independents.

Are we quite sure that a big chunk of these Muslims are simply not unhappy with the state of the economy ? I doubt that such a sizeable portion would be identifying as Republican if Middle East is their primary concern.

They should work on christophobia… It’s far more prevalent…


Imagine if a year from now, the Muslim vote in Michigan decides the election for Trump :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

IMO, it’s the LGBTQ movement, specifically the trans part, that has them rialed up.

the members of that movement would fit right in over in Arabia…

So the vast majority of terrorists on the planet are Muslim. And?

So Arab terrorists kill more people than anyone else. Big deal!

What’s REALLY important here is, are you some kind of intolerant islamophobe for it??


You must be unfamiliar with the old Muslim proverb

First the Jew….

I’ll be honest out of all of these pro-Palestine protests the one that shocked me the most was in NYC where some dude was flying a pride flag. And it naturally got torn down and burned.

I was like “Bro you had to know how they were going to respond to that. The only thing that drives Palestinians more crazy than the Israeli flag is the Pride flag.”

Good point, I didn’t think of that. I’d guess it’s a combo of all of the above.

Yeah I can’t imagine many traditional Muslims are cool with LGBTQ. When intersectionality goes wrong. :laughing:

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Says who? Maybe they really are too stupid to know just that.


You’re not wrong lol.


That’s a good title for a reality tv show.

I’m down for that. If anyone can provide funding.

Nowadays I would believe darn near anything when it comes to how stupid people can be. :wink:




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Don’t worry, they are making sure to get the narrative out.

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One place to start would be to capitalize the ‘C’ whenever referring to Christ. But you’re right, the war on Christmas season is right around the corner…


Looks like the war on Chanukah this year. I have friends that are afraid of putting menorahs or other decorations out this year.

Because the Muslims are the real victims…

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