Fifth GOPer to retire "It is exhausting and often embarrassing”

“Serving in the era of Trump has few rewards,” Tom Davis, a former senior Republican congressman, told The Hill website. “He has made an already hostile political environment worse.

“Every day there is some indefensible tweet or comment to defend or explain. It is exhausting and often embarrassing.”

Mr Mitchell had told the House that “rhetoric overwhelms policy and politics consumes much of the oxygen” in Washington DC."

Here’s the deal. Almost all Republican politicians are not going to tell the truth about Donald Trump until they retire. The problem with that strategy is, when their biographies are written, they’re either going to be supporting Trump during this era and all the bad stuff that they’re doing, or they’re going to be opposing it. There biography will only be written one way. Just like all the rest of us.


That’s why i respect Amash… He said how he felt and plans on running for re-election


Me too.

It will probably cost him his job but he went ahead and told the truth.

Trump is the worst thing that has happened to the Republican party, ever!

And, honestly, many churches.

Pretty much the reason I’ve abandoned the Republican party. It was bad enough when they gave Trump the keys to the house. Now that they’re not calling him out for burning said house down, they don’t deserve to exist as a party.

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I think this era is like a Stock Market market correction.

We’re seeing who is real and who is inflated.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh…I feel real ■■■■■■■ bad for you. You and your ilk have had decades to solve the problems at our southern border and haven’t done squat. Now it’s grown into a “hostile political environment”? Ahhhhhhhhh…I feel real ■■■■■■■ bad for you.

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I feel laughter for them.

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I wonder if these are swamp creatures that are being…drained?

In 2013 there was a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill that got killed because Boehner invoked the Hastert rule after Cucinelli lost his primary.

Kind of hard to pin that on the Democrats.

In 2017, a bipartisan immigration bill out of the Senate got scuttled by the President.

Also… kind of hard to pin that on the Democrats.


Yeah…I know. Let’s make citizens of millions of illegal aliens and going forward…we’ll fix this problem. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah…1986.

Build the wall.

When I see people making heart-felt speeches to wish a politician well after retirement, that’s when I feel real ■■■■■■■ bad for someone. :wink:

Good riddance to every politician who leaves.

One can clearly see where the inability to compromise on the issue comes from.

Two bipartisan bills… shot down in the first instance when the GOP controlled the House and in the second instance while the GOP controlled the entire government.

Yet… somehow it is the Dems fault.


It’s all of their faults. All that has to be done, right now, to fix this problem is to enforce the laws already on the books and prosecute the employers of illegal aliens. Is it happening? Whose fault is that? Answer…all of them.

So would that make your “ilk” just as culpable for this failure?

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How many times to I have to say this? YES! They are all equally responsible IMO.

For me, I assign more blame to the side that can’t even compromise among themselves when they control all of the levers of power.

That is a real failure.

I agree…so guess what I did? I sent all of those asses in DC…wait for it…Donald Trump. :sunglasses: