Fess up. Who’s still virtue signaling?

Could be like an Uber or food delivery company requirement. :man_shrugging:

Possibly except sometimes it’s obvious that they are neither of those.

And Uber no longer requires masks and certainly would be ok to not wear it when no passenger is present.

Our freedoms were taken away and lives ruined under the guise of public safety. Now the threat is over and they’re still wearing masks. They deserve to be mocked for being tools…

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The vaccinations and boosters are not as effective against the latest variants, which appear to be more contagious than original COVID and earlier variants. Maybe some people just don’t like to get sick when it may be avoidable.

And over a million people died. But please continue.

The only thing I can say about is maybe they forgot to take it off. I looked down on people until I forgot one day.:person_shrugging:

Worse is someone on a motorcycle

Wearing masks helped the million dead didn’t it?

A wise man said:
If cotton underwear can’t stop a fart
Why do you trust that mask to stop a virus?


Same to you during the mask mandates. Thanks for agreeing with us.

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Not the ninja!

Why is it any of your business? Does it affect you?

A friend tells me her mom does it all the time when driving alone. And when questioned, she just shouts “Leave me alone!”


My coworker has a child with many medical issues including a highly compromised immune system. Things that are minor for you and me would put her life in jeopardy so if it comes down to my freedoms or helping the guy work in peace without fear of catching whatever I fight be dealing with, I wear a mask.

I also work with kids and sometimes their parents will make them wear a mask out of fear. Instead of the child feeling out of place I’ll put one on as well.

Who did I vote for?


This may have led to the shortage.

Striving for ‘Menstrual Equity,’ Oregon Puts Tampons in Men’s Bathrooms at Public Schools, Colleges


Since males are expected any day now to start menstruating, they are prepared.

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my company mandates masks right now.

i have no choice.


The henchmen for brandon known as center of medicare services are mandating hospitals to enforce mask. Cms are at a new level of retard.


Indoors? Well OK if you must.

The ones I see outside signal a learning disability.

dont wear one outside, only where mandated (which is in my office building)


Often those people also drive slowly.

Maybe it just seems that way.

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This is perfectly understandable. But why weren’t they doing this prior to covid? Because prior to covid, unless you walked into a hospital, you’re not finding a single person wearing a mask on any other day than October 31st. Did they not care about getting sick then? Or did they not know what masks were used for?

I’m more saddened than anything else when I see people still wearing masks because they’re just a product of the media. I didn’t wear a mask prior to covid, and I don’t wear one now that I don’t have to. There is nothing new about wearing cloth over my face now than I didn’t know 5 years ago. But it’s so ingrained in people’s minds, they can’t let it go. It’s a security blanket. That’s what they were told over and over again.


I think masks are libs pacifier…