Fess up. Who’s still virtue signaling?

Ok. By this time, if you are still wearing a mask, we do not have to wonder who you voted for, we know. But the question is WHY are people still wearing masks.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if you are in a crowded indoor area, especially if you are elderly or have a health issue, still wearing a mask might be something to think about. But for cryin out loud, WHY are healthy young people still walking around outdoors (or even indoors) wearing a mask?? I see them walking the streets by themselves, driving in cars by themselves, sitting at their desks at work 15 feet from the nearest person.

Masks were of dubious value during the height of the pandemic. Now, months after vaccinations and boosters have been available to all who want them, and given the Covid variations that are out there have produced very mild symptoms in small numbers, WHAT ARE YOU MASK WEARERS TRYING TO PROVE? Even Lord Fauci is no longer commanding his thralls to continue wearing them.

Just curious…


Once again: I’m just glad those pushing mask mandates never remembered that one 80s inventor’s claim that wearing tampons up your nose prevented the common cold and flu.

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Don’t want to interact with the type of person who’s bothered by it. It’s a great filter.

Also the cat’s out of the bag on how gross the general public is. When people figure out that coughs should be covered and sinks in restroom aren’t just for decoration, maybe I’ll let them breathe on me again.

For sure since there is a shortage of tampons.

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Its changed my behaviour. If I now go out and coughing and sneezing I wear a mask. Nothing to do with covid just think its more effective in not doing anything or sneezing into my arm.

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How about people who spit their chew in drinking fountains? :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

I think that warrants the death penalty.


I was required by a store to wear one the other day

I did hear on the radio a few weeks ago that their was a shortage of feminine products… Fortunately I don’t have to worry about it and my wife is past tat time too. I suspect TJ is responsible for that too somehow…

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I thought all mandates were gone by now. What state are you in?

Every day I see people wearing them alone in their cars or somewhere in the park with nobody around them :confused:

They must be afraid of giving themselves Covid :thinking::thinking:.

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It was a store requirement, not a state requirement. We still had a coupla masks in the car, so it was no big deal.

Yesterday in the park, something truly weird. Young guy, must be around 25 or so, shirtless, in good shape. Sitting alone, nobody around. Huge black masks covering entire face. Eating chex mix or something, raising the mask every-so-slightly to take a bite and immediately putting it back down. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Stores can request whatever they want.

Isn’t it funny all during the time there were mask mandates the cry was “do what you want…I have no problem if you wear a mask. Just don’t force ME to”.

And yet we see what happens when one happens on people wearing masks now…the urge to mock comes out.

My answer to the question is “what business is it of yours”.


I absolutely think it’s their business not mine but I can’t help but be perplexed when I see masks where they simply make no sense.

Not like I go up to anyone and forcibly try to remove it.

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Well people have different risk tolerances.

And now BA5 supposedly spreads very well outdoors so…and maybe they have/had COVID.

I never even give people wearing masks a second thought. Whatever they want to do…I don’t care.

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What about in car alone ?

Indeed they can but he stated the store required it and evidently he complied. A request is not a mandate though so I was curious.

To avoid getting sick.

But more importantly, why do you care?