Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males

Meme I saw on FB:

“If you take 100 women, and 10 men, and strand them on a deserted island…… in 100 years you’ll find a thriving civilization.

If you take 100 Trans women, and 10 men, in 100 years you’ll find the skeletons of 110 dudes.”


Rachael Dolezal and Jessica Krug (among others) are transracial. Why are they not defended? Why was Racheal removed from the NAACP?

There are increasing cases of “transablism” - blinding and amputating limbs.

How about transageism? Can a 12 year-old buy alcohol or a firearm if they/them identifies as a 25 year-old?

Can a 60 year-old legally have sex with a 17 year-old if they/them identifies as a 17 year-old?

Can a 30 year-old male join a kindergarten class if they/them identifies as a 5 year-old?

If not, why not?

Exactly. Why stop with the identification game at just so-called gender? Why not race? Why not age? Why not a different species? Why does one group get this privilege and not others?



Because libs get to draw the lines. Not logic. Not consistency.

Just libbism.

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The men’s team could have beaten the women even if they played in high heels.

Men competing as trans-women is not the only thing to worry about. :wink:


Now I am confused.

A female, who calls herself a man, ran in a female race and won?

Do I have this right?

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Was she on some male hormone drugs?

Doesn’t say that I saw.

Soynds like a complicated way of saying she’s a butch lesbian to me.

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will the transgender male athletes be paid on the same scale as every female athlete?

Non-binary is the operative catagory here. Non-binary is the Bi category of gender confusion. She gets to decide, based on her mood of the day, whether she is male, female, both, or neither. Notice she didn’t decide that she was male when competing in a sports event.

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I’d like to simplify this for everyone.

There are women…and men.

And that’s it.

The rest is just kook fringe psycho babble.


But hey…at least the dr’s and hospitals are making bank…

“The U.S. sex reassignment surgery market size was valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.23% from 2022 to 2030.” U.S. Sex Reassignment Surgery Market Report, 2022-2030

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The expression “Follow the Money,” will get you the right answer nine times out of ten.


Don’t you know that whenever it pertains to the causes libs promote it’s NEVER about the money!

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Shameful and disgraceful. Evil.

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This should give one a good hint about the biological legitimacy of transgenderism and the rest of the LGBTQ craze.


Now 40% of students at Brown University identify as something over the rainbow spectrum. :roll_eyes:


It tells us just how bad the indoctrination is at these universities.