Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males

Is it time for these people to stop crying about this issue and just suck it up?


For global football, it’s probably less problematic than for helmetball, power lifting or basketball.

Nope. I don’t know what people are thinking having trans men compete in the same category as women. If trans men wanna compete then it’s time to start discussing a third category.


I’m with you 100%. If we don’t do something, all female records will be held by trans athletes.

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"Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports,” the directive states.

If a biological male or female, too bad if they “identify” as something else. Why make everyone else uncomfortable? It is them that need to adjust not everyone else.

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I 100% agree.

Biological males are taking our medals

This is too much entitlement for an athlete. If it’s within the rules, those medals are already being awarded properly.

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Individual, one v one, sports, I tend to at least not disagree; there’s no framework for fairness, yet.

But for team sports, especially ones which incorporate diverse body types (Mikel Antonio, Xerdan Shaqiri, Mo Salah, Peter Crouch, Victor Wanyama and Hugo Bellerin come immediately to mind), it’s hardly problematic.

I am an ardent LGBTQ supporter, and I will openly admit that I struggle with this issue


This woman struggled against a trans mma fighter:

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Exactly. What kind of person are these athletes?


So basically what you seem to be saying is that biological males have more rights than biological females?

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What rights are in contention, here?

Like it or not, human biological males are physically stronger than human biological females. That is a fact that can never be altered. When a biological male has a gender change, they are still physically stronger at the highest levels of competition. So in that regard, biological females will never again be able to compete at the highest levels of sports competition. Biological males will dominate.

So in essence, those who support biological males being allowed to compete in female competition at the highest levels are saying that the biological female has no rights.


What rights are in contention?

Is there a right to compete against people of the same bone density and bmi?

Are you really arguing that defensive linemen have an unfair, rights-violating advantage over short slot receivers?

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Is there a “right” to be competitive in athletic competitions?

How would that work?


Let the transgenders have their own teams and let the ratings speak for themselves.


Sounds like you are fine with biological females never again being able to compete in their chosen sport at the Olympics.

So we can quibble about whether a biological female has a right to compete at that level, but there is no need. Your response is very telling. Transgender rights trump everyone else’s.


Does this apply to tall starting pitchers with tremendous wingspans? Should they be excluded from leagues which have shorter, heavier knuckle ballers?

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Sounds like you don’t want to answer the actual question.

So we’re clear: what rights are in contention, here?

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