Federal judge orders DACA restored and to accept new applicants

he ruled that since trumps acting DHS secretary was never legally in the job his orders about DACA are null and void

he gave DHS 3 days to post a public notice that new applications are accepted

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What are your thoughts on it?

its teh right call. anything chad wold did as DHS secretary should be declared null and void. in addition he should be ordered to repay any salary he took.

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Pretty ironic that a judge can issue a ruling that immigration laws don’t need to be followed and can be ignored.


I think that Biden would have restored it anyway, so the Judge just took one thing off his list.

Theoretical question:
Can the president order the ATF to stop enforcing the National Firearms Act of 1934?

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I would assume so, yes.

Well if the acting head is not legally on the job, the order is null and void. What’s the problem here? Put another person in legally and try again.


Deferred adjudication has always been an option within the justice system. That’s all DACA is.

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Opinion of the Court embedded at the above link.

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When is it differed until?

Ask a judge. An exception has been carved out for people that have largely known no other country but The United States. You should be glad for them.

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The legality of the original DACA order was decided 4-4 after the death of Scalia. There have been two new justices since that time. Its time the case be resolved by a 9 member Supreme Court.


That would be the next step.

We are going to have to fight to keep immigration at a sustainable level every single day.

I believe DACA kids should be welcomed and have all worries of future immigration issues permanently removed. Specifically for this group and for the reasons given… that they’ve been here their entire lives. I work with several students each year. They’re the best kids. Honestly. Much more appreciative of what they have, and take classes seriously. My job would be heaven if all college kids had that attitude.


Hope so. I want one of those M249 SAWs.
But seriously my thoughts on DACA?
I’m a grandson of Italian immigrants and my grandfather’s journey to America is a story that includes leaving a son behind, loss of a wife to the Spanish Flu, quarantine and more including the arranged marriage to our grandmother after legally emigrating to America 6 years later. Children of illegals born in America are Americans period. Illegals who honorably serve in the US military are Americans. Illegals who have been in this country, worked and are law abiding citizens? Do the ■■■■■■■■■ paperwork and become a legal immigrant for crissakes!
Illegals that commit crimes? They gotta go. The ones that are deported then re-enter repeatedly to commit more crimes especially violent crimes? What’s the answer, my opinion can’t be posted.

Have you seen the price of 5.56 lately? :slight_smile:

That was a totally different issue (DHS compliance with APA). This latest issue (illegal head of the Department) could have much wider impact, on practically anything DHS did during Wolf’s illegal tenure.

The Dimbulbcrats will argue because of Trump we’re pushing 300,000 “Covid deaths” so there’s no need for limitation on immigration; there plenty of room.