Federal judge: asylum seekers cannot be sent to mexico (4-8-2019)

Another trump loss in court.

He wanted to send asylum seekers to Mexico to await asylum hearings

That is contrary to the law.


Again this whole administration is a bigoted dumpster fire

Another judge that will soon be demoted to the status of a “so called judge.”

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Then the law needs to be changed.


Too bad your dear leader thinks he is a dictator and is not bothering to do anything by normal order.

Republicans tried to change the law, want to guess why it didn’t pass? Hint, it wasn’t Trump.

So if you fail to change the law, just break it!


Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco.

Appointed by: Barack!


Worked for Obama.

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And will be a federal judge till he retires or passes on… In addition, his orders apply just as much as someone appointed by Trump…


I cant believe Trump said america is full basically saying we dont need you

Jeesh your own article proves that isn’t what he said, he didn’t say America is full, he said the immigration system is.

from https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2019/apr/06/trump-says-america-is-full-on-visit-to-us-mexico-border-wall-video

Donald Trump has once again claimed there was a state of emergency while on a visit to the US-Mexico border in California, saying the US immigration system is ‘full’ and ‘when it’s full, there’s nothing you can do about it’.

Yeah the entire immigration is full… Yeah ok

You seriously want to assert our immigration system isn’t full? Well, that’s amusing.

But NOT by the executive branch.


what trump doesnt have to obey a ruling by an obama judge?

I beg to differ.


But one judge from the judiciary branch is A-ok!

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Its only full because we dont have enough immigration judges.

instead of diverting money to the wall. maybe he could divert the money for add’l immigration judges.


So it is full, glad we can agree.