Federal deficit jumps in July by another $77 billion

But NFL players are kneeling!

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Massive Demographic Changes!! Wahhhhh!

As bad as it is…it’s still less then Obama deficit during same period of his administration.

But rant away libs.

:rofl: ya and Obama entered office with a $1.3trillion deficit handed to him and 800,000 jobs being lost a month. Not anything like trump getting handed a stable economy at around 5% unemployment and about $500bil deficit

Still making excuses for your Messiah.

Obama didnt double the deficit he inherited lol. When he was being sworn in we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. Reality is not convenient for Trumpism.

Really you are going to compare the two given the economic situation each man inherited?

What Trump is doing is as bad as Bush cutting taxes and going to war.

That’s why Obama is your Messiah.

You really should learn the meaning of the word messiah.

I defended the conservative government here for running a deficit during the economic crisis.


Yeah, Obama got handed the worse recession since the great depression. After two terms he cut the deficit in half, and had the greatest streak of job creation in history.

Trump got handed the greatest job streak in history and an expanding economy and blew up the deficit.


these are facts.

Obama inherited 800K per month job losing economy.

Trump inherited a 200K per month job gaining economy.

Obama cut the deficit in half after 8 years.

Trump doubled the deficit in under two years.


You can split hairs anyway you want but the fact are Obama double the deficit and never receive 3 percent growth in calendar year.

Didn’t obama also inherit the iraq war budget?

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And also had the problems of the fiscal cliff and sequestration. And the tea party Republicans wanting domestic spending cuts which slows down the economy also.

Sadly, as we can see, Trumpists and FauxCons are still of the belief that the world was in absolutely perfect shape on January 19, 2009. Then that damn Obama came along and screwed it all up.

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Obama inherited the second largest financial meltdown in the history of the United States.

Yes I know I am also mentioning things that slowed GDP growth.

I am really starting wonder how Republicans ever got the reputation for being good on the economy.


Is 3% in a calendar year vs 3% in 4 consecutive quarters really meaningful or spin. Please explain if different.

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I think you mean debt, not deficit. Still, neither one doubled under Obama. Maybe you are thinking of George W Bush?

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