Federal deficit jumps in July by another $77 billion


"The Treasury Department reported Friday that the federal government ran a budget deficit of $76.9 billion in the month of July, as federal revenues were down from a year ago, while government spending was up, keeping Fiscal Year 2017 headed in the direction of the largest yearly deficit since 2012.

The deficit and debt were huge issues during the last administration. I’m expecting the same kind of screaming during this administration. Here.

  1. None of the Trumpists will care. Debt only matters when they’re not in power.

  2. Expect a fair dose of “But Obama…”


These deficit threads drop pretty quick. Trumpists dont care

Deficits don’t matter!

For now.

We are already at 5 indictments adjacent to this administration. Its far worse than watergate because all of this corruption is simply in pursuit of their own personal gain. Most corrupt bunch of grifters to ever run the US government - they don’t care one whit about us or this country. Expect the numbers to get worse and worse and anticipate the conned marks to make excuses and deflect. They’ve been trained not to care.


Donald Trump gave us a ton of his corrupt history to judge him by. Republican Media trained the voters for decades. Republican Media won.

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They’ll lose soon enough.

Where the hell are all those Tea Party patriots? We need them now more than ever!


The only reason those folks pretended to care was talk radio and FNC hyped them up. Now the thing they are being told to fear is being displaced as the majority race.

Oh and get out and vote to protect Trump will be the mantra soon.

Revenue down, spending up.

Sounds about right for a Republican Govt, same deal when they had all 3 branches under Bush.

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Waiting for another Democratic President.

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Many of them are probably busy in Charlottesville and dc this weekend.

Donald Trump’s second wave of tax cuts for the wealthy haven’t even gone through yet nor has Mexico not paying for the wall. It’s going to get worse.

July 2018 revenues way way down from July 2017.

July 2018 spending way way way way up from July 2017.

We’re going the wrong way.

Why is this happening in roaring economy/full employment?

Oh wait, the taxcut fairies will be along shortly, trumpletons promise.

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Where I live there seems to be a huge overlap in the Charlottesville crowd, the birth certificate crowd and the Tea Party crowd.

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No kidding. Imagine what it will look like when the economy weakens.

When the tax cuts do start paying for themselves, do they make up all of extra debt accumulated while waiting? Or is that just ignored?

by then a ton of wealthy donors will have bought and sold a bunch of stock/options and acquired 50 more strip malls so it will be ignored.

Isnt it funny. Obama DECREASED federal spending as a % of GDP, and cut his inherited deficit by more than 50%. GOP gets Congress and POTUS and do the opposite in 2 years no time. Trump will get voted out after blowing up the deficit then all the trumpists will start blaming the Dem for the deficit.

Low wage jobs, less healthcare, and giant deficits… just wait until the cost of living skyrockets under “trade wars”.