Federal court strikes down Ohio congressional maps

I don’t see him claiming its OK for one side and not the other. No political party should have the ability to redraw voting districts to ensure they keep power despite changes in voting patterns.

Why isn’t he posting about what Martin O’Malley did in Maryland? He tried to creat districts where republicans wouldn’t be able to get a single seat. And now he’s in some organization that’s all about fair districts? Lol

He’s only saying republicans are doing this.

Unless you can see him claiming democrats are doing the same in any of his posts. I don’t see that. And he completely avoids Maryland. Quite revealing.

Because it goes against The Great Liberal Narrative.

Do you see him criticizing gerrymandering in general or only by one side?

False. There are several ways to do so. Make redistricting a non-partisan process in which all sides agree and it is not solely the responsibility of the controlling party. You could have an independent districting committee in which members are elected or confirmed by both parties. Or have a computer do it with algorithms approved by all.

They should take it to court and get the maps struck down.

I would like to see fair representation for all of the population.

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

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Did that in Pennsylvania. Handed the Democrats five districts and weakened every single republican district. Handed the Democrats a better outcome than they could have ever hope for. Zero districts were strengthened for republicans and they didn’t flip a single district last election.

In your mind. Instead of making an argument from absence, why don’t you wait for a reply?

He hasn’t mentioned Democrats or Maryland once. It’s easy enough to see he only gives a damn about what republicans do.

You had 2 options…

  1. Applaud this decision
  2. Or say “but Johnny does it too”

You chose number 2.

Now if you go start a thread about Maryland when it goes to court I will be right in there with you brother. Cheating is cheating and it all needs to stop. It’s why I hate Donald Trump so much.

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So perhaps things were unfair before and the new system is fair? Redistricting a biased map will be definition cause “harm” to the party who preciously had an unfair advantage.

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:rofl: they can’t agree on a brand of mustard. You must be joking. There is no such thing as “non-partisan” in US politics.

Doesn’t exist.

Back to partisan.

Who’s going to program the computer? Approved by all of what?

It’s not there already?


Why haven’t you made a thread about it?

Because you only make posts about republicans when they’re not acting the way you like.

It’s not cheating. Winning has advantages.

Ohio has a non-partisan, or at least bipartisan method of districting starting in 2020. Programmers would make the program. Perhaps a supermajority of elected officials would have to agree based on expert opinion.

Making imaginary barriers does not make the process impossible.

I definitely make more threads about stuff you never see in Republican media here. And I do so on purpose.

But if you go ahead and make that Maryland thread I’ll be right there with you brother.

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The barriers are not imaginary. Feeling you can take the politics out of politics is fantasy.

These posts don’t seem to go together.

And they’re all from the same person.

I blame russia.

You can see that he never posted in any of the threads about the Maryland case.