Federal court strikes down Ohio congressional maps

“A panel of federal judges on Friday ruled Ohio legislators violated the Constitution in drawing congressional district lines that unfairly hindered Democratic chances at winning seats.”

Down here in the South we just call that cheating.

"The district lines drawn after the 2010 Census, first used in the 2012 elections, have given Republicans a lock on Ohio’s congressional delegation. The GOP holds 12 of the state’s 16 seats, even though Republicans won only 52 percent of the total congressional vote in 2018.

Before the 2010 Republican landslide and the subsequent redistricting process, Democrats had held 10 of 18 seats."

They will do what NC did. Just keep appealing and appealing so they can keep cheating for as many elections as possible.

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All maps should be redrawn by a bi partisan independent panel…all…

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Curious. In 2008, when Democrats held 10 of 18 seats, what percent of the popular vote did the Democrats receive?
In Texas we went from Democrat gerrymandering to Republican gerrymandering, at which point the courts got all concerned.

Shh but how can we steal elections!

Waaa the Democrats waaa.

These Republican gerrymandering/cheating threads never get much play. One would think that honor and integrity would make a person speak out.

It’s good to see the Red Map strategy falling apart.

Took a decade… but hopefully we will get better drawn districts out of this.


How are Republicans going to be able to compete if they’re not given an advantage based on electoral maps? This move is going to damage America because it will put into question the competitiveness of our two party system. Demonrat ideas need to be opposed by any measure necessary, otherwise America will be doomed, just like Venezuela.

I hope these findings are a wake up call to those who continue to gerrymander regardless of who is doing it (Republican or Democrat). Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our government, and gerrymandering flies in the face of that.

The 6th district court is already considered borderline conservative. It would be hard to believe this would be overturned.

To be honest, Trump and his current supporters want judges who don’t care if republicans gerrymander. Hell, Trump cheats on everything and the weak Republican men never stand up to him.

I’m waiting on the Maryland maps to be struck down.

Independent of what?

And you want democrats who gerrymander.

Amazing how you don’t give a damn about Maryland maps. Why haven’t you brought up those?

One would think if you had honor and integrity you would be posting about the Democrats dirty tricks in Maryland, including those by a former presidential candidate.

But why haven’t I seen any of those from you?

But Maryland is just fine and dandy. Got it.

Look at the bright side. The Baltimore Orioles are only 10 and a 1/2 games out of first place in their own division on May the 1st.


Caught out in the open.

Political bias. There is a way to draw voting district boundaries that reflect the makeup of a geographic location.

That unicorn corral is empty.