Fedearlized Healthcare is a mistake

we have socialized healthcare in Canada and the number one reason it work is because its done on the provincial level with oversight regulation and part funding by the federal government.

think about it America is a nation of over 350 million people trying to create a single healthcare system for everyone is going to be a nightmare. The Federal government should task the States to come up with their own programs.

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Medicare has more people enrolled than the population of Canada and it works pretty damn well. I think we’ll be good expanding that.


A big problem in my opinion is the insurance companies are too large. They have huge sums of cash to squash legislation at the state level. Even California didn’t get a public option due to their influence.


government is the great improver!

Been saying this for years.

For healthcare it is.

keep dreaming

Do you use Medicare?

I really doubt my state would come up with anything worthwhile.

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If you ever want to know how piss ass poor the medicare/medicaid system really is, just take a stroll in any number of nursing homes.


Healthcare should not be for profit.

i could not disagree more.

nothing improves anything better than capitalism

nothing ruins things more than government


Who are you and what have you done with CanadianJudo?

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False on both counts. The first is empirically false and the second is incoherent.

yet you enjoy and utilize so many nice (affordable) things due to capitalism.

I agree try it at the state level like they did marijuana if it fails other states will take note and stay away if it rocks then other states will be persuaded to copy it.

Seems like a small state like Vermont would be a candidate for the experiment. And it seems the ACA has a provision in it that would allow a state to adopt such a program in its place if they chose to?

I probably don’t attribute those things to capitalism anymore than I attribute them to the structure of the corporation or the stock market.

I’m bound to be misunderstood though.

lol. sorry i dont think you’re taking this seriously.

at least i hope you’re not

I have a Master’s degree in healthcare admin… I’m far from being an expert…but I can’t imagine that we think we could model any US system after a European model. We are too big to do it on a national level like say a German system.

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