Fed raises interest rates (6-13-18)

interesting that the fed is raising rates to tamp down inflation and economic growth.


Where do they state they are raising rates to tamp down economic growth?

“And fed officials are eager to prevent the economy from over heating”

Read the article.


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Get ready for a dictionary definition of over heating and what it really doesn’t mean.


It’s about time a savings account earned a little interest.

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everyone knows that the fed raising interest rates means that.

stopping inflation and slowing the economy.

Serious question. Ever here of STASH?

I use it. Its great. earned 4.79% in what two month. LOL.

Bought Tesla and Amazon among others


The rates desperately needed to be raised. If our economy went south again and the interest rates were as low as they’ve been, we’d not have one of the powerful weapons to help boost it.

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How long until the usual suspects start blaming this move on the deep state in order to undermine trump by slowing down the economy?

Shhh - please don’t give them any ideas. They have enough conspiracy theories running around as it is. :rofl:

That’s the Fed’s job to control inflation / deflation.

we cant have that. How are we going to get to 4% GDP real growth if the fed keeps raising rates?


Fed reserve raising rates doesnt necessarily prevent 4% growth

It certainly does help!


My wife uses it as well. She’s had some good returns too.

What’s the associated risk?

But but but but but 8 years under Obama had you guys howling that low interest rates are just an artificial boost and that doing so isn’t the correct way to straighten out an economy. Now, we need it for a rainy day. Good God, listening to you guys spin yarns like this is like listening to George Lucas script to the prequels.

The market tanks.

But you as a Cult of Trump member doesnt admit that is a possibility do you?


Speaking of spinning yarns, you either have amnesia, dementia, are accidently wrong or are intentionally lying because not once, did I ever claim that. I have been a big proponent that President Obama saved the day from the economic pile of dung Bush handed him…period.

That was a really clever attempt at distracting and deflecting away from the point I was making, and I think you know that. Good job, comrade! Dear Leader, as usual, is thankful for your fealty.

Very understandable you’d dodge the meat of the post.