Fed launches massive quantitative easing

just announced.
fed cuts interest rates to zero and launches 700B quantitative easing

well someone has been asking for QE for about a year now.

I support this. Donald Trump has anted lower interest rates for awhile now. Perhaps they might even go lower! It was cool when Trump discussed removing the Fed chairman yesterday if things didn’t improve.

What’s left in the arsenal?

thoughts and prayers


not sure if that was necessary. But again what do i know.

Trump’s rhetoric.

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Where’s my tax break?

In addition, in a global coordinated move by centrals banks, the Fed said the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Swiss National Bank took action to enhance dollar liquidity around the world through existing dollar swap arrangements.

Not just the Fed reaction alone. They are doing things in conjuctions with central banks around the world.

Do you think they shouldn’t?

Man back to zero. I wonder what they are seeing in the future.

i have a couple of suggestion.

  1. change the tax deadline from april 15 to october 15th…
  2. extend all mortgages by 3 months. allow everyone in the country to skip the next 3 mortgage payments interest free

More milkshakes to get drank up by the bigs.

Meanwhile, forget the tax break. Yang was right. Give everyone $1000 a month for 2 months. Those who don’t need it will “buy the dip” and those who do will spend it.

That would break my credit union.

Do you think that was a…save your butt cut? :sunglasses:

Why?? Probably 90% are done with them.

No way that happens. Would have to be a law passed by congres with enough money to cover EVERY interest payment on mortgages for 3 months. That would be a HUGE amount of money since you would need to cover businesses to since a lot of them are being shut down.

If we’re on the same track as Italy, there won’t be much of a consumer economy left once this thing really gets to spread around.


the fed could probably create a financing gimmick to prevent that

They are seeing places like summit county Utah. Health Department has sent out a notice to all eating places that they can no longer have dine in service. Togo and drive through only. Soon that will probably end as well. It’s not just happening in Utah, there was another story someplace back east where they shut down all resturants and bars.

$1.5T last week now another $700B and not a peep of “but how do we pay for it”? Imagine what we as a nation could have got with that? All this for a pandemic and his minions was fake and everyone was panicking over nothing. Well look at this panic.

We are just going to give it all away to the wealthy. Mission accomplished.

I’m for the 1g a month gimmick then. Renters gotta eat too.

Tehran? Damascus?

Yep. And they’ll drink it up within hours.