February 2022: 678,000 jobs added. 3.8% unemployment

Great news and another feather in Biden’s cap.

What does everyone else think?


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I understand that a number around 500,000 was expected, this far exceeds that. Good news indeed.

Get people off of the government dole, cut expenses, raise revenue…hooooooooorraaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Now we learn that a UE rate of 3.8% is not good enough.

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In before “but… but… but… gas prices!!!”

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Also, December and January revised up an additional 92,000. We’re only 1.14 million away from what we were pre pandemic. Good.

Here’s the actual report:

Great news! Let’s Go Brandon!


How do you reconcile “Great news!” combined with your Brandon mantra?

Why do I need to?

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I didn’t say you had to. I’m just curious.

Manufacturing jobs up, despite supply chain problems in the auto industry.

“Manufacturing added 36,000 jobs in February. Employment in durable goods industries rose
by 20,000, with job gains in fabricated metal products (+11,000), machinery (+8,000),
electrical equipment and appliances (+4,000), nonmetallic mineral products (+3,000), furniture
and related products (+3,000), and primary metals (+3,000). These gains were partially
offset by a job loss in motor vehicles and parts (-18,000). Nondurable goods manufacturing
also added jobs over the month (+16,000). Since February 2020, manufacturing employment is
down by 178,000, or 1.4 percent.“


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Biden doing good job with economy, save for inflation.


They just like typing more letters

People on the Right tend to have a childish streak; they like to call other people names.

I believe they think it’s funny.


All hail nimrod, the king of babble.

The optionality provided by remote work and the fantastic labor market make this an amazing time for many careers to blossom.

The benefits of that are being somewhat tempered in the short term by inflation/housing shortage making it challenging to concurrently raise quality of life.

But if you’re lucky to have a house you like with a mortgage refinanced between 6-18 months ago, inflation isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world.

Speaking of inflation - everyone should put $10k from your savings into I bonds this year if you have it and won’t need it for at least a year. Super high rate due to inflation.

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that was one of the best trades i made years ago. I bought the max amount 20 years ago when they paid over 3% plus inflation.
currently earning over 10%/year in a government bond. and that 10% is on a principle that has been rising for 20 years

If I had 10k in my bank they would investigate me for drug dealing…lol


Just refinanced an investment property.

Got the same interest rate as five years ago.

Was pleasantly surprised.

I am kind of amazed they have stayed low.