Feb Jobs Only +20k

Construction lost a lot of jobs. Not sure if that’s indicative of anything. But theres always a party before the crash

Nope it was weak. expecting 178K got 20K

“This was well below the consensus expectations of 178,000 jobs added, however December and January were up by 12,000 combined. A weak report.”


There’s also ratcheting up global trade tensions. That’s a sure winner, too.

He might just do both. I’ve always admired this President’s ability to multitask.

Not at a local level if it is sustainable.

This is a great question.

Indicative of bad weather.

Pretty much. They get elected, enact horrifically irresponsible economic policy, then Dems have to fix their mess, then repeat.

I love the last time it happened. Stand in the way of everything that has historically been known to work and criticize them for not fixing it fast enough.

Great plan.


Yet it is the reason for wages to go up.

and people making and spending more money spurs the GDP.


So tax cuts are good.

Yup. Amazing to watch them blast the Dems for not cleaning up their mess fast enough. The GOP truly has no shame. As Trump has shown, there is no bottom either.

LOL. I guess you didnt read about the 11,000,000 who were negatively effected by the tax “cuts”

read up on it. its a real page turner.


They were democrats anyways

This can’t be true, Ivanka alone created millions of jobs… Trump just reported that.

In fact, it’s been said every member of the Trump family has created millions of jobs, maybe billions.

Terrible disaster by Trump. Unemployment at 3.8% with wages on the rise. The Trump depression continues.

wow you cant even admit this is a weak report.

it is you know.


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In february 2017, one month after trump was elected, the economy added 200k+ jobs, unemploymemt was 4.7% and wages grew 2.8%. Since then, Trump and the GOP exploded the deficit to $1trillion and only dropped unemployment by 1%, and only adding 20k jobs last month despite their big spending. This was a terrible report.

I am waiting for him to tell us the real unemployment rate, crazy how they are now clinging to .001 changes in reported numbers like gospel :rofl:

September, 2010

What was your overall opinion of the economy under Obama?