Feb Jobs Only +20k

Looks like the corporate tax cuts and trade wars are really paying dividends. Getting dangerously close to negative job growth.

I saw a headline saying wages dropped…could be wrong though

This was all completely avoidable, but since Trump ran on the message that a pretty robust and growing economy was crap and only he could fix it… his wrong headed policies only served to reverse yet another Obama accomplishment.

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Wages up 11 cents per hour.

Go buy myself a peppermint patty…

Decent wage increase. Definitely gonna get overshadowed by the 20,000 number. Which is why Trump is tweeting about how this is the greatest economy ever this morning.

Any chance we can put all this winning on hold for a couple of months? I’m getting exhausted from all the winning.

The obvious solution to slowing job growth is more tax cuts geared towards the top 1% of incomes.


You know if they just pay zero taxes then the economy will be on fire

I’m curious to know how much the raising of the minimum wage in 22 states in 2019 has an effect on the $0.11 wage increase overall.

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Its weird that Trump is tweeting employment rates this morning comparing today to eight years ago. He must be pissed about the jobs numbers.


Wages up. Unemployment down .1 to 3.9, which I have been told is statistically zero.

Trump sucks.

Unemployment has been going down consistently for almost 8 years. When was the last month with negative job growth? Almost there… oh ya also $1trillion deficits at full employment. Yes. Trump sucks.

Leave it the GOP to once again, mess everything up


I bet the Dow is going to soar today with numbers like these. Winning!

No, not zero, but essentially full employment. We’ve been there for a while. One of the reasons many of us knew Trump’s promise of 3+ 4+ 5+ 6 percent GDP growth was a line for suckers. One bad monthly jobs report is no big deal. But it fits with what the predictions are for first quarter. Its gonna be a bitch.

most likely a lot. Minimum wage in NYC increased to 15 bucks an hour.


BEA Summary

This is a decent jobs report imo. We are about as near full employment as possible so would expect some leveling off of jobs numbers. Good to see rising wages too.

Thanks Trump!

Isn’t the raising of the minimum wage something that Republicans absolutely hate?

This is the exact situation where the debt should be paid down and resources shifted to fix the infrastructure of the country. But that is a bitter reality which means that we would have to have a culture that believes in paying for the things we want.