FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


Yes it can. WR has done a rather good job of just that.


It was specifically targeted. Why you want to pick this hill to die on is beyond me.


I trashed Obama for it and called it outright assassination.


Oy gevalt.

Wrong response.


this hill isnt killing me

it was NOT specifically targeted. read exec order 9066


show where that was put into the “new deal” please


How was internment unConstitutional?


Not true.


For those Wisconsin posters, Grafton was large training camp for them.


Yes it was. The internment camps were targeted for the japanese.


not in the exec order. double down all you want but it us not stated as such there


Whether it was specifically stated is irrelevant. Every one knows how it was applied. The Japanese were the targets by application.


Removing US Citizens from their homes and placing them in prison camps against their will with no due process, and you ask how it was unconstitutional?

Here’s another question for you. Were these citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights violated? Or was this an example of where infringement was somehow constitutionally justified?


You are absolutely defending him, and from what I can tell it is out of some knee-jerk reaction to call down anything AOC says. And in this case, what she is saying is 100% accurate. You can claim she has no basis for stating what she did, but you’ve been provided plenty of basis by multiple people in this thread, including conservatives like WR and myself. Even Sneaky said FDR was racist, though he disagrees over some of the reasoning that has been given.

In return, the only “basis” you’ve given has been deconstructed to “Well, FDR liked a speech by some black woman that was friends with his wife, so he might not be racist”.

From a policy perspective, AOC has her head up her rectum, in my opinion. However, on this topic, she has shown far more credibility than than you thus far.


that is absolutely relevant.

either there’s proof or not

what you think it means is only your opinion


she said the “new deal” is “racist”

please show where


I say to you what you said to BF…you can double down all you want, but everyone knows who the target of the internment order was. Denying it only further erodes your credibility.


Its been shown, several times in this thread, and I’ve yet to see you refute it. Nevertheless, my arguments as to why FDR was a racist didn’t even touch on the New Deal, so from the perspective of the discussion between you and I, you’re trying to move the goal posts.


You support Trump. That’s all that is needed to delegitimize your opinion about any other politician.


that’s pretty much what the left says. “you support trump - your opinion is irrelevant”