FDA messes with Purell in January

Let’s take a look at this. I think it is odd that FDA did this BEFORE that Chinese Wuhan Virus surfaced.
The Geniuses are not saying anything about it now.

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Was Nicholas F. Lyons appointed by anyone?

It’s just the flu.

What is wrong, Purell doesn’t stop the flu or Ebola.

I can’t read the article behind the paywall, but the report I heard on the radio had a truly false claim made by Purell in it, though I don’t remember the exact details.

Here’s the warning letter from the FDA, signed by Nicholas F. Lyons.


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It can sure help stop you from catching them.

So under the claims Purell is making about their products, FDA finds that they are an over the counter drug or topical antibiotic or their advertising would indicate such a drug. All they have to do is creatively change the wording of their advertising.

Coronavirus surfaced in China in December.

According to the FDA letter, they are not anti viral. Therefore they would be as effective against flu or the current virus as soap, I would assume.
My guess they are reaping a fortune right now out of baseless beliefs in what it will do.

They absolutely do kill the virus, but the claims Purell is making start to fall into medical claims that make them an over the counter drug under FDA rules.

From the letter:

“Are PURELL® Hand Sanitizer products effective against the flu? The FDA does not allow hand sanitizer brands to make viral claims, but from a scientific perspective, influenza is an enveloped virus. Enveloped viruses in general are easily killed or inactivated by alcohol.”

I read the “does not allow hand sanitizer brands to make viral claims.” And yet, it is followed up by saying they do kill viruses. So you are right. But why don’t they let them say it if they do it?

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It was not a concern to America till after the impeachment process in the House and dismissal in the Senate.

Why the New York Slimes does not lie. Ask any card carrying Liberal. :roll_eyes:

All the relevant agencies knew about it and people were paying attention to it in December.

You cannot find Purell. I have gone to all the spices except for Ebay

Prove it to me. The House if Representatives knew nothing then and knows nothing now. Just listen to Nancy.

Just get it off the market.

Well, Trump will be running against someone who thought in January that Trump was wrong to implement the travel ban with China, so take your choice.

“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia,” Biden said during an Iowa campaign event.


Was not an issue here till it was understood. Taiwan was indicated something was going on in late October