FDA messes with Purell in January

Joe is the smartest guy in the world, just ask.Mr. AR-14

Reality sinks in. Now crickets from.the left on this letter. Good find, Bro.

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China announced the existence of a new virus on January 7.

The first death caused by the virus was announced on January 11.

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much less harmful

The truth, oh , the truth. The reality, oh the reality. But, it does not support the liberal narrative. Good job, Doug. :+1::+1::+1:

They require proof of a very high quality through testing. That’s expensive, though I would think they could swing it.

Why? It’s a good product. They just need to stop making medicinal claims.

The travel ban accomplished nothing because it wasn’t followed up here.

I just want to buy some for the regular price.

Well it may have slowed it up. Italy has over 25,000 positives and almost 2500 deaths?

I was being sarcastic btw

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That won’t be possible people are stupid and hoarding items.
some dude bought 15,000 bottles of Purell to resell on Amazon till they banned him.

Wow. A Canadian couple got in trouble for price gouging. Where do these ■■■■■■■■ get their morals, values, and ethics? CJ, all I know is there are some real ■■■■■■■■ out there.

a pair of brother in NY state are under investigation by the AG for it too.

Glad they are getting caught. This Chinese Wuhan Virus is bringing out the worse in some people