FDA approves instant COVID test for clinics

Today I heard the poor story of a lady in NY who’s husband got the virus. He is 50 years old and in good health. When he got bad enough to go to the ER they found that he had double pneumonia in both lungs and his kidneys were shutting down. Critical condition. She put out a tweet to find blood donors who had the virus and her husband could get help via a transfusion. There were a couple of blood banks in Philadelphia that have the ability to test for the right antibodies. The donors went there and gave blood. She thought everything would be okay until the blood bank informed her that they could not ship blood across state lines. I felt really sorry for that couple. I hope that the powers that be can work this out and save this guy’s life.

If enough serological tests are done on a representative sampling of the population, we can get a good estimate of the overall infection rate…which would tell us if we over over the worst, or simply over the first hurdle.

These tests should be repeated over time too because we also have to find out if any immunity is permanent or fleeting.

I think that the odds are in favor of this virus able to mutate like the flu virus does. And that will mean that we are always playing catch-up with a vaccine.

You’re a Democrat now?

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Well we don’t build immunity to the common cold either…which is caused by many different viruses…some of which are coronaviruses.

That cat isn’t eating his peas.


Yep, with enough tests we should get a good idea. The issue with the current test is that it really only shows people who are currently infected. A test that shows antibodies will count anybody who’s ever had the disease.

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This isn’t the flu?

Nope. No matter how many times Trump tries to sell us on that idea.

You séemed to suggest that.


Not my intention. I do know that there is a difference. I still am unsure how far along we are in knowing precisely how it mutates. But I’m pretty sure that it will be one of the most studied viruses of all time.

This is an odd one.

Yeah. What is scary is how flipin contagious this little bugger seems to be. They are still trying to figure out how long it can survive on different surfaces.

A doctor at a NY hospital was being interviewed today. He said that the majority of the hospital staff were sleeping in their cars because they didn’t want to go home and possibly infect their family. God Bless these folks. They are doing outstanding work. I suggest that the cruise ship lines offer them a free cruise for their vacation. They have earned it.


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i’m pointing that very thing out among idiot democrats. perhaps you should focus your criticism there instead of the anonymous poster on a lefty infested political message board

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So your a democrat?

Now if there can be mass testing and quarantining put in place immediately after, if the results prove positive? It’s reported by S. Korean experts that 20% of those infected, show no symptoms and aren’t even aware they have the virus. They’re unintentional carriers of this disease. If we can test everyone and get an accurate and quick count, and then accordingly respond with quarantining, maybe we can get a handle on this pandemic…sooner, than later?

did i say anything about my politics in that post?