FDA approves instant COVID test for clinics

Positive results in as little as 5 minutes with 13 minutes for a negative test.

Now this is an awesome development. Just what is needed to be able to implement “South Korea-style” test and trace methods in non hot zones.

Abbott thinks they can ramp up to deliver 50,000 tests per day.


Good, it’s what we needed. Maybe once it gets rolling we can get true measure on the ground.

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And serum tests. We need serum tests.

how long before some desperate leftist idiot governor claims they werent allowed to get any?

Can’t we be happy these tests have been developed without immediately wallowing in partisan politics? :roll_eyes:

thats not the democrat way.

besides, isnt this thread in “politics”?

Please for the love of God for once stop ruining every decent thread with this dreck.

Can you quarantine it to your own threads, please?


the thread is in “politics”

that means “politics” will be discussed. sorry

Obviously it’s not the partisan way. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:



Great news, let’s hope they don’t insane price the test


To give “Flyover Country” a chance to escape the fate of the hedonistic dirty Liberal big cities.


Naw, you’re K-popping.

This is good news though, thanks for sharing it.

More good news. We have more recovered than deaths now.


The FDA has also allowed antibody tests, which can help to quantify the number of people who have developed immunity to the virus:


More good news!

I heard a doctor say today that there will be a lot of folks that will get the virus, never get tested and resolve over time. So we will never have a accurate number in that category.

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Kudos to the bloated stuffy bureaucracy!

Double whammy good news.

Now to read about the caveats that will likely burst my optimism bubble.


Man those caveats are like the last 20 seconds of a drug commercial.


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With the antibody test, we can get enough of an idea I believe.