FBN generates fake news clip. Trump tweets it

So on Lou Dobbs show a altered video of Nancy Pelosi is shown. A three-minute video fr om Pelosi’s Wednesday remarks at the Center for American Progress conference was manipulated so her words sounded slurred and garbled.
And then a bit later Trump tweets a copy of the video.
And the beat goes on.


He’s the best.

Classy as always

This is the Republican strategy of attacking most aggressively on your weakest points.

Despite his claim to have “the best words,” Trump is inarticulate.

Instead of building an argument that emphasizes his strengths–like focusing on policies that Republicans feel are beneficial, or drawing attention to the still booming economy–Republicans go on the offensive and attack others on the areas in which their candidate is the weakest.

The most successful example of this was George W Bush attacking John Kerry’s military service. It leads to debate fatigue due to both-siderism or neither-siderism as the case may be. “Neither side is perfectly articulate, so let’s not bother with more examples. It’s settled. Further discussion of it would be tiring.”

The fact that it’s a lie, doesn’t matter. The idea is out there in the wild now.


I heard this lame excuse from the Dems which is so typically liberal pathetic. :roll_eyes:

Nancy slurs her words and has for a long time now! She has some kind of problem with her jaw or her teeth and it’s visible for all to see! I always thought it was ill fitting dentures, or uncomfortable implants or just plain dementia but I never thought she might be hitting the sauce but it could very be that she is! :cocktail: :open_mouth:

I so wish she could speak as well as trump.


So even though it’s been demonstrated to be “fake news” you’ve already bought it hook, line, and sinker?

Case example, right here.


Looks like Donnie Demento took it down.

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We should get to the oranges of this problem. Maybe an anomonis, anomos, anonnonmmus internet poster will get to the bottom of it. sniff


Of course he did.

Next time only slow it down to 90% and you can probably get him again.

Oh the fun we are having with fake news and video.


“We” were not out to get anybody. This clip was generated by Fox Business Network. You know that network that never lies. And I would bet dollars to dog nuts that it was a staff member that took it off of Trump’s twitter feed.

I saw it with my own :eyes: in “real time” and she was slurring her words, like she always does, she is moving that jaw sideways with every word, it’s weird as all get out and results in slurring! I didn’t see any difference from her previous briefings to the one in question but it was the first time I heard mention that it might be due to “hiccup” :cocktail:.

Pelosi should call out and subpoena FBN for putting it out there.

Why go after anyone who fell for the stunt?


You sound like a really nice person who is fun to be around.


Looks real to me Dems!

Would rather be stuck in an elevator for 12 hours with Roxie over Nancy Pelosi.


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That’s not the clip I saws so I can’t comment on that one specifically, but whatever speed you play Nancy on she slurs her words, slo-mo, high speed “whatever” speed she has a problem with her mouth!

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It’s odd that you want to be stuck in an elevator with Roxie. I guess everyone floats their boat differently.

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That says more about you than pelosi. I’m going to avoid elevators if I can so I don’t have to be put in either scenario.

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