FBI planting evidence against Trump: Conspiracy theory or modus operandi?


So the issue isn’t that Trump is being treated unfairly, but that Trump isn’t being treated specially enough?


Yea I am sure Liz already knows she is going to lose.

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Trump said he would “lock up Hillary” he was in control of the government and nope

Yup and since he isn’t then civil war is next or something


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Ha! Totally predicted this in the other thread

Yes let’s. At least insofar as no American is above the law

I’d take this seriously if it wasn’t an early jump for a narrative. Might as well say Antifa did it.

good question!

the left relies on their handy idiots and paid clowns

what a world right?

Yes, not everyone can be an FBI agent and be free to break laws with impunity.

Well I just lost several brain cells that I couldn’t afford to lose reading the OP.



Well… that’s not true at all.


And going back on the op, who exactly should go to prison for the “murder by fire extinguisher hoax”?

You called it that he has successfully made his imagined persecution their imagined persecution (well I embellished it a bit).


It seems a little early to stake out the Frederick Forsythe/Oliver Stone territory, but okay.


Yes. Believing that planting evidence is a baseless conspiracy theory implies one of two things:

  1. No one at the FBI really believes that Trump is an existential threat to the republic,


  1. The people at the FBI who believe that Trump is an existential threat are all either unable or unwilling to stop the threat using unethical or illegal methods.

From what I see, planting evidence or other dirty tricks fits into the FBI’s modus operandi over the last six years. Expect similar behavior in the future.

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Also, not everyone can be an ex-president, commit crimes, and have such fervid, blind devotion.

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On the plus side, it’s nice to see you branch out from Russian agitprop


damn right it does

and this is the reason for this raiding season.

As this nuclear docs scandal goes to 11, I predict this thread will reach 5000 posts. Folks here can’t handle Trump actually being that stupid.