FBI planting evidence against Trump: Conspiracy theory or modus operandi?

After repeated false statements on the FISA warrants, years of the Russia collusion hoax, and the murder-by-fire-extinguisher hoax, does anyone doubt that elements of the FBI would be willing to plant evidence to frame Trump?

No one has gone to prison as a result of the earlier hoaxes, although an FBI lawyer got a felony conviction related to a false statement used to obtain a FISA warrant. The attorney given probation and was not disbarred in spite of the conviction.

Given the pattern of hoaxes and false statements with little to no penalty, why would we expect the FBI to suddenly be 100% honest in its dealings with Trump?

Dick Cheney called Trump the greatest threat to the republic in American history. That is greater than Lee and the Confederate Army, greater than Hitler, greater than Stalin.

Would it amount to treason to fail to frame Trump to keep him out of the presidency?

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I see we’re getting the talking points in order.


Yes, the Huff Post is directing the campaign. They are basically claiming that any suggestion that the FBI would continue to operate the way it has for the last six years is a baseless conspiracy theory.

A dilemma for Democrats is their two basic talking points are contradictory.


  1. Trump is greatest danger to the republic in American history,


  1. the FBI planting evidence is an absurd conspiracy theory.

They cannot both be true.

If Trump is really a greater threat than the Confederate Army, Hitler, or Stalin, then of course someone is likely use whatever means are necessary to stop him, especially since previous experience shows that the risk of jail time is virtually zero.

If Trump is really an existential threat to the republic, it would arguably be a moral imperative to plant evidence to prevent him from taking office as President.

No, it’s blatantly obvious the FBI can’t be trusted, not believing any evidence they find with no observers. Just trust me is not a reasonable political position


In a contest between Donald Trump and the FBI about who lies more?

Over matters in which Trump may get in trouble.

Hmm…That’s a tough one…

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To be fair, planted evidence was put out there is a talking point quite early. And now it may become very important, especially when Trump decides to contest the release of the warrant.


Are we going to pretend you would have trusted fbi evidence from a raid of Obama now? Thanks for the laugh.


Until proven otherwise, why not?

Your mistake as you think everybody thinks in binary.

Maybe don’t turn the cameras off and bar the lawyers next time


73% of independents agree with me, better arrest more Republicans. Oh and when, not if, we win, payback is a real bitch


That’s what brings rise to the theories etc. By making the lawyers stay at the end of the driveway unable to observe and requesting the cameras be turned off isn’t the look of people being transparent in their operations.

That’s what leads people to ask the questions. I bet they would give a police officer the benefit of the doubt when the officer turned off all cameras in the vehicles and himself while confiscating all cell phones in the vicinity and having them shut down any cctv before he confronted a suspect that ultimately ended in a shooting situation etc.

I’m sure there would be no questions about what happened.

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Dick Cheney condemning Trump is probably the push I needed to start supporting Trump for '24.


Eh, Liz is in trouble and needed Daddy to come to her rescue. She just doesn’t realize that’s not gonna work.

Planting of information? Lol

Lord…Trump really is a master con man he has successfully warped his supporters minds to believing his “persecution” is theirs



I see you’ve never been served with a search warrant. This is how it goes.

It was sort of a hail mary.

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Let’s all pretend former Presidents and Secretary of States are normal people and we don’t have to worry about devolving into Mexico

Meanwhile Hunter riding around on AF1


They are normal people…

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Pay back? Who are you paying back?

Go for it!

I’ll be just as entertained.

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Wow, seems that Trump world is starting to understand how big this really might be and are working over time to cover for their leader.

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