Favoring Islam in NY

That’s the only thing I can think of too.

All sects of Islam support genital mutilation? I’m against it.

All sects of Islam oppress women? Hard to believe since some Muslim nations have had a woman leader and the non-oppressive America has not.

Do all sects of Islam have total intolerance of gays? I don’t know.

I think many sects of Islam are totally screwed up. I’ll call that out all day, every day. Is all of Islam like that?

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Whaaaat? Now I’m disappointing Sik as well? How shall I go on? :smile: :laughing: :rofl:

No, I’m asking an honest question, because all of your posts in this thread appear to be entirely unrelated to the story in the OP.

Which, to me, implies that you saw the word “Islam” and were so emotionally overtaken that you needed to post, even though you didnt know what the thread was about.


Altair, you skipped this question.

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Have you come up with a reason we should be upset about this yet?

If all religions are being treated the same…how is this “favoring” Islam as the OP claims?

Feeding people? In my America?



What scares you more, Halal, Kosher, or Vegan?

No. But nearly all American liberals remain silent on it. Not wanting to offend. When it’s reported, it’s typically reported by the conservative media. I have had some crazy libs defend it by claiming it’s no different than a circumcision. :face_vomiting: I’m glad you’re not one of them.

Well you seem to have decided already. So why are you still asking? Are you thinking your opinion of me matters somehow? :man_shrugging:

So for the 4th time what about the OP are we suppose to.be critical of? It appears that you don’t even know yourself.

Every time you start a thread, you tend to include a demand that people stick to the topic as you’ve described it.

Shouldn’t you do the same for other poster’s threads? Shouldn’t you hold yourself to the same standard you demand of us?

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He should accommodate all needs. Without any preferential treatment.

That appears to be exactly what he’s doing.

So again, what’s your point?

I think you are mistaken because that poster freaks out when others go off topic so they surely wouldn’t do it so blatantly themselves

You are allowed to make that assessment. And I am allowed not to care. :sunglasses:

You cool wit dat?

What? Sucking up to Islam again?

Which is exactly what he’s doing. Everyone can get a meal regardless of their religion

Yep, that’s exactly what he’s doing. Ensuring nobody goes hungry. Good on him

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