Favoring Islam in NY

Don’t churches make their share of the efforts on behalf of hungry people? Jews are also known to volunteer their skills and time on behalf of thousands in need.

So chuches and synagogues can’t open, but mosques can to help break the fast? One group can feed the hungry and even be open for prayer, but others cannot?

Someone needs to tell these officials this isn’t a society that, by law, is supposed to favor or deny ANY religion.

This is blatant Christophobia in action, coupled with blatant favoritism to Islam because of PC fesr of offending.

What’s next - allow Muslim owned businesses to open while keeping Christian stores locked down?

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They have been sucking up to Islam since 9/11. Ignoring female genital mutilation, the oppression of women and the total intolerance of gays. I’m not sure how liberals square that circle. I guess by ignoring it.

Is New York refusing to feed Christians?

According to Bloomberg, Kosher meals will be available too.

New York City intends to serve a half-million Halal meals during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, in the leading edge of a program that could feed as many as 2 million residents unable to pay for food, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

About 400,000 Halal meals will be distributed at 32 Department of Education buildings and another 100,000 will be served through community organizations during the month. The city also provides Kosher meals for Jews. It’s part of a program that has served at least 10 million grab-and-go meals at 435 sites and via taxi to housebound New Yorkers, at a cost of at least $170 million, the mayor said.


Here’s more on the Grab and Go program

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All mosques in New York are closed. None of them are open for prayer.

It is traditional during Ramadan that mosques provide free meals to the indigent to break their fast each night of Ramadan. Since those mosques are closed, and are not providing food, the city has stepped in.

I see no problem with this.


He’s doing the same thing with Kosher meals. I guess the mayor doesn’t think someone should starve during this because of their religion. The nerve!

Is there a secret rash of genital mutilation, oppression of women and intolerance of gays going on in New York?

I think you’re a bit confused. Nobody said anything even close to this. So the short answer is no. Just go back and read the story until you understand.

So since New York is providing meals to Jews, Christians and Muslims (and everyone else), what’s the point of this thread?

What are we supposed to be outraged about?

Why shouldn’t he also accommodate the needs of the rest of the citizens within his jurisdiction?


No. It’s not a secret. Islam is intolerant of gays everywhere. It’s the dogma. That dogma doesn’t change when they get to New York.

Nothing. You’re a liberal. You are not allowed to be critical of anything Islamic. Read the rules. :man_shrugging:

Have you ever actually spoken to a Muslim?

I have many Muslim friends in New York. None of then have ever mutilated anyone’s genitals, oppressed any women, or have ever been intolerant of gays.

In fact, 3 of them are gay.

What is there here to be critical of? Please explain it to me. Exactly what is wrong with feeding Islamic New Yorkers along with Christians and Jewish New Yorkers?

Did you read the OP before you posted, or did you just see “Islam” in the thread title?

I never claimed there were no gay Muslims. What does their Imam think of this? Supportive?

Are you quizzing me? :rofl:

Of course. One of them is an Imam.

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