🤣 Fauxahontas Redux?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Saturday her connection to her “indigenous heritage” was awakened while protesting the Dakota Access pipeline with Native American tribes at Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Here she is practicing her war whoop

aoc war whoop

Rent free AOCDS

The struggle is real.

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She awoke her inner Sacagawea

Well, what does the actual tribe say? As we learned with Warren, tribe isn’t a race, it’s a community and they decide who is and isn’t a part of it.

I thought in woke world, this was called cultural appropriation? Lemme guess…this is different? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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The call of the loon… very difficult to master.


AOC has chosen a side in the nascent intersectionality struggle.

The Indians have started calling black nation “Settlers of Color”.

It is a fight for the “Most Oppressed Award”.

Umm no, the call of a loon is beautiful. I hear them at our Wisconsin cabin all the time.

Little Dancing Deer is beautiful.

She could have had a Hispanico, a brother, an Indian…just about anybody she wanted.

Wonder why she chose a pale, white ginger yankee?

She isn’t hard on the eyes, but that voice? Nope. loons win.


and she gets mad when non-idiots dont take her seriously


If he’s a lib it’s probably a case of him being a good BIPOC ally, who sits quietly, except when apologizing for his ancestry, nodding in worshipful affirmation to her every silly statement.


s She can make coffee, so unlike many in Congress she has a useful skill. /s

Let’s be honest.

That chick is the dumbest creature in Congress.

has she said that Guam would capsized?

Maybe she’s top 5 but imho she’s an absolute idiot.

with those in Congress that’s a fish in a barrel