Fauci's fascist plan for COVID takes shape

The plan from Tony Fauci is all about political survival of Tony Fauci after the collapse in vaccine effectiveness with the Biden variants.

Here is what already happened:

  1. Use obsolete data that grossly overstates vaccine effectiveness (90+% vs ~40%) in order to justify the rapid approval of the Pfizer vaccine.

  2. Eliminate further input from the Products Advisory Committee, which serves a peer- review function. The committee last met in December.

  3. Ignore the explosion in reported vaccine-related injuries since introduction of COVID vaccines.

  4. Hurriedly approve the vaccine.

Here is what is going on now:

  1. Push for mandatory vaccinations. Make sure that vaccine refuseniks lose their jobs and their civil rights. Prosecution and persecution of tens of millions of average Americans are the official government policy.

  2. Blame the inevitable outbreaks among the vaccinated on the unvaccinated, not the poor vaccine effectiveness. Double down on the policy of prosecution and persecution. Ignore the obvious failure of the vaccines-are-the-only-solution policy.

Here are more speculative predictions about what is likely to happen over the coming months:

  1. After disparaging and slow-walking approval of anything other than a vaccine for the treatment of COVID, claim credit when treatment options are finally approved.

  2. Blame unnecessary vaccine deaths and injuries on President Trump.

Fauci has repeatedly spewed whatever propaganda furthers the party line. Science is irrelevant. Vaccines are not going to end COVID, that has been clear for months as highly vaccinated nations continue to see outbreaks. Vaccines reduce symptoms, but their ability to limit spread has already collapsed and is likely to fall further.

The plan is about Fauci’s political survival, which is clearly the number one priority.

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine | FDA

For background on the tradeoffs related to vaccines see:

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What is Fauci’s plan after he takes control? Maybe he’ll be a benevolent dictator.

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Just look at the recent history.

Fauci said vaccinated don’t need to wear masks. He claimed that getting 70-80% of eligible persons vaccinated would give herd immunity. That was with the original variants.

The Biden variants have changed that. Instead of 90+% effectiveness, the Pfizer vaccine is only about 40% effective. The new variants are also much more contagious in general. Herd immunity is impossible with the vaccines.

The most likely scenario is that we will see large outbreaks among the vaccinated this fall and winter until most of the population has been exposed and develops natural immunity.

Vaccinated persons are less likely to have serious symptoms, but the idea the unvaccinated are to blame for the outbreaks is ridiculous. Fauci is spewing lies and misinformation to ignore the obvious facts about the massive drop in vaccine effectiveness.

This is all about CYA not what is best for the USA.

Bill, do you think is particularly persuasive - all the innuendo and leaps of faith?


I don’t find Fauci’s innuendo and leaps of faith persuasive at all.

Blaming the unvaccinated for the massive fall in vaccine effectiveness is utterly absurd.

Fauci and the FDA removed the Product Advisory Committee from the vaccine approval process, and Fauci has refused to consider the new data showing the obvious massive drop in vaccine effectiveness. Instead the FDA references obsolete data in their approval press release.

Fauci Downplays New COVID-19 Vaccine Study (nationandstate.com)

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Fauci has no power to create policy.

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Sure he does. Biden does whatever Fauci and the other “experts” say.

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Fauci is a monster and will keep killing until he has complete control of the government؟


Facui is an advisor he has no authority over anything, blame the President.

he already appears to be in control.

and making young grade-school kids sit around in masks all day is certainly not benevolent

no authority

but certainly control

Yes, the President is theoretically responsible.

The reality is Biden is mentally incompetent for the job and is incapable of contradicting Fauci.


So we can blame Fauci for the Afghanistan withdrawal? That bastard!

and making young grade-school kids sit around in masks all day is certainly not benevolent

Um, that’s not Fauci, that’s local school boards that are doing that.

The 180,000 kids that got covid last week :heart: this post.

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the few who actually knew they had it might, the rest don’t give a ■■■■

Kids are going to get COVID until they reach herd immunity. The new variants are almost as contagious as chickenpox according CDC documents.

The risks to healthy children and young adults are extremely low.

Naturally occurring human coronaviruses are responsible for common colds. The evolution of COVID is heading in that direction as well.

That would be true except these kids take the virus home where there parents may or may not be vaccinated. You see the vicious cycle we are setting ourselves up for?

Do you imagine Fauci with a long thin mustache that he twirls while cackling evilly?

In much the same way this board would be well served if certain posters actually lived in an authoritarian society for a while, it would be awesome if they also learned what fascism is.


If the parents are in good health, their risks are low as well.

If the parents are in poor health, especially if they have not gotten the vaccinated, they have a higher risk of problems.

The antibody treatments offered in Florida can greatly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Even Fauci has admitted that.

There are promising report from Israel about another new treatment:

Fauci has done his best to disparage and slow-walk approval of viable COVID treatments. At the same time he is promoting forced vaccination programs he has reluctantly changed his tune on the treatments since realizes that vaccines are not going to eradicate COVID.

For the vaccinated persons who get serious cases of COVID, they need to look a why Fauci has put all our eggs in the basket of vaccines, which now are failing to provide the expected level of protection. Blaming the unvaccinated for Fauci’s policy decisions is not the answer.

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