Fauci's fascist plan for COVID takes shape

Fauci has no such power. Just more FDS.

i think it’s pretty obvious that point related to covid matters. but play your games…

um, yes the boards who when fauci says goose step they ask how high

BS…local school boards are responsible for protecting the kids in their care.

bound to happen

Especially with guys like Guido DeSantis in charge.

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You should ask him how the tax revenue in his theme parks are doing. :roll_eyes:

cuomo :heart: this post

What’s he in charge of? Oh…that’s right. Absolutely nothing.

Everyone who gets fired or banned from school for not taking vax should sue. Millions of lawsuits nationwide. The businesses & schools won’t be able to fight them all.

We need to start boycotts of businesses who require it as well. Put a stop to the insanity & authoritarianism.

American are well known for their healthy lifestyles.


if only there was some type of organization they were all part that exist solely to make sure they are not fire that could hire lawyers… shame I can’t think of what people would call such a group.

I beg to differ… the OP refers to fascism so the implication is that Fauci’s plan for control extends beyond mere covid matters. Why else would he care about his political survival?

And the evidence of this claim is…?

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you beg to deflect and hide the real issue

…and his advice is bull feces that’s in part to cover his ass plus he helped fund the creation of this virus after President Obama said it had to leave the US. This man should be prosecuted for the murder of millions across the globe.

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I love the characterization of this 80-year old immunologist—who kept his head down for decades under various presidents, who clearly thinks the political spotlight is ridiculous, and who relatively few had even heard of 2 years ago—as this calculating combination of Mussolini and Mengele. What a bunch of ■■■■■■■ water-brains.



What does that prove? There are places in the US where students aren’t required to mask. Do you deny this? Do you have statements from school boards saying they’ll do anything and everything that Fauci suggests even if it doesn’t involve Covid?

If anyone is coming after our precious bodily fluids, it’ll be an immunologist.

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In furtherance of risking their lives for no reason, don’t forget.

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The vaccine efficacy is a concern.