Fauci must resign

Growing evidence shows that Fauci directed NIH funds through a third party, the EcoHealth Alliance, to fund gain-of-function work in Wuhan, and then actively worked to shut down questions about the apparent lab origin of the COVID virus.

From what I see, Fauci has been more interested in protecting himself and his associates than in protecting and informing the American public. He lacks any credibility at this point, and he should resign immediately.


I agree 100 percent! :+1:

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This is just FDS.


Wouldn’t want to be fauci when the dam breaks.

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Do you support efforts to hide the true origin of the virus?

Should it matter if the virus came from a Wuhan lab that received funds from NIH for gain-of-function work?

It is clear that even China and WHO long ago abandoned the debunked wet-market theory.

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That’s why Biden is investigating.



biden ended the investigation and after a bit of uproar tasked the nsa with it. why would he want an organization congress can’t demand answers from doing the investigating?

What credibility will Biden investigation have if Fauci is allowed to remain in his position?

Fauci has demonstrated that he is more than willing to push misinformation based on political and personal interests. Why should a new investigation be any different?

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Do you mean this? Someone had to tell Pompeo that he isn’t in the government anymore.

Wait what

Biden took over from the inept.


What are you trying to say here? Pompeo continued his own investigation after Biden was in office?

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Or Biden wants to make sure that the investigation gives “the right results” so anything started by Pompeo must be ended.

That was an odd remark that undermined the point??


The worst part of this is that CCP can now blame this research funding for creating the hazard.

Gets them at least partially off the hook…quite clever actually and Fauci is the fall guy.

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Gain of function research is questionable. Fauci sets some of the funding for the org mentioned in the op.

Fauci does not direct that org.

Full disclosure is required to get the funding.

Fauci knew.

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But, I’ll play: knew what?

You realize that we actually have the exact same evidence we had when this hypothesis was first brought up at the beginning of the pandemic?

Accidental loss remains a hypothesis with the exact same amount of evidentiary support it had back then. No more…no less.

The Chinese are obstructing now to the same degree they were obstructing then.

Let’s investigate and let the chips fall where they may…but please stop pretending there’s more evidence for this now than there was last March.

There’s not.

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Fauci. Its in the Email scramble link.