Falwell's Jr Straight Up Trump Worshipper

So in the last week stories have come out where Falwell tried to force people on the Liberty University paper to disclose who they were going to vote in articles they wrote but also killed pieces critical of Trump. I guess when these young people were being taught adultery was wrong they were not told God gave Trump a pass.

Now he has called for the jailing of members of the justice department and going after Sessions.

“By their fruits, ye shall know them” Today, we saw the fruits of @jeffsessions but it is too little too late! The AG sewed the wind but he will reap the whirlwind in November!

Just a quick point or 2 the word is sow. And Erik Errikson’s response as well as many other were funny.

Even the devil can quote scripture, Jerry. You’re using this line to attack Jeff Sessions while cheering on a man who cheated on his pregnant wife with porn stars. https://twitter.com/JerryFalwellJr/status/1032101527173955584 https://twitter.com/EWErickson/status/1032243953465282562/photo/1

Some of this religious stuff with trump is sick and twisted stuff.

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Falwell’s Twitter account has people asking how do you defend adultery and lying etc.

Oh well the bible talked about those who would act like whores.

Christians aren’t perfect. Just forgiven.

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Is this one of those examples of “left-wing indoctrination” that right wingers are so afraid their children will be exposed to in college?

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No one gets a free pass. We all answer for our sins.

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For I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more

It does not say they will not be disciplined. And to get forgiven one has to repent. Trump is not repentant.

Upon what do you base your judgement of him?

And some people wonder why I’m an atheist…

Repentant people admit their mistakes they do not get angry at others who are doing their duty.

Donald Trump will be cheating on his sixth wife until the day he dies.

Here’s the first stone. Aim carefully, oh sinless one.

No need for I am not sword to the bad deed.

I believe those who wanted to stone the adulteress decided to take a pass as well. Rumor has it they weren’t very sinless either.

It is not me taking a pass. It is not my place to stone him or prosecute him for breaking the law either.

It truly is a black mark on Evangelicalism, if not the faith entire.

Which isn’t to say all Christians or even all evangelicals are on board with Donald, just that they get to deal with the consequences of it all.

Forgiveness requires contrition. There isn’t an atom of contrition in Donald’s being. Why do Falwell and other evangelicals like him support an unrepentant man?

In some denominations that is true. In others, not so much.

It didn’t need to wait for him for it to be covered in black all over.