Fallout 4: Survival Mode

OK, so I’m a geezer gammer. I’ve played Fallout 3 (w/o DLC), Fallout New Vegas (w/ DLC) and I’m now playing Fallout 4.

In FO4 I haven’t played through to a faction completion, but I played to about level 73 as a glass cannon/sniper/infiltrator. (I did a lot of radiant quests for the minutemen and railroad and had done quite a few for BOS but was at the point where I could enter the institute when I chose.)

I decided to dump that game file and start a new one in Survival Mode. Holy ■■■■, this is hard. I mean I did some reading on it before hand so I know what to expect, but still.

My plan was to run a “zone” offense with a settlement acting as a base of operations. Explore a zone and be able to centralize loot into the workbench and through Provisioner’s at least be able to build/mod/upgrade whatever I wanted where-ever I was through the Local Leader perk.

Right now I’m level 3 and have stripped Sanctuary Hills of materials/supplies and have done some roaming to the North/Northwest. IIRC there was a small time farmer in this area (I haven’t found him yet) that did some trading (if not I’ll try the trading daughter at Abernathy Farms) to see if I can get some crystal, then I can make a recruitment beacon and start to get some settlers.

But crap on my first real roaming trip I was back up by Vault 111 and tripped the mole rates, and I prevailed but got infected and had to use my only antibiotic so then ran down to meet Dogmeat and get some materials to make a second dose. If I hadn’t known where to get some glowing fungus I could have been up the creek.

This ■■■■ is hard. :cry:


I played a lot (too much) of that game at release. I actually built myself a new computer at the time so that I would be able to play. When hardcore mode was available, I could convert my current character as a one time thing. That wrecked me. I tried hardcore a few times after with new characters, but I got fatigued by that time. It’s a bit scary thinking about picking it up again because i know how many hours i’ve put into that game.

Fallout 3 nearly killed me as I had to complete it…too scared to try Fallout 4

Dude you ain’t seen hard till you start fallout 4:Frost

Finished Fallout 4 twice without the DLC. Played all the way through a third time doing all the DLC and up to the part where you finally go to the institute at which point I quit as I’ve been there done that.

I love the game but man I’d love to kill Preston. I thought by becoming a raider warlord in the Nuka World DLC he’d go away but now he just makes snarky comments while still telling me about more settlements that need help. I tried encasing him concrete prison with no exit but he somehow ghosted outside after a while. Finally sent him to a settlement I didn’t develop at all and left all abandoned. Starve you annoying idiot starve.

I have a feeling I’d have to load Windows on my computer again for 76. :expressionless:

Get the mod “War of the Commonwealth” and you’ll really tear your hair out.

Haven’t played that one, worse then Frost?

Never played Frost. War of the Commonweatlh is not an overhaul, though. Might need to try Frost if i decide to play again.

I like the fall out series but mainly because I love Skyrim. Same company, pretty much the same game but set in the fantasy setting. I always had more difficulty getting into the fall out series because of the post nuclear game world. The brown and dull landscape gets to me after awhile. Still a very solid series

Fallout 76 is gonna be hot garbage.

And I say that as someone who has all three console Fallouts in his top ten all time RPGs list. New Vegas would be number one if not for the undeniable masterpiece that is The Witcher 3.

But there’s no way it’s not gonna suck.

I’ve tried a few times to get into witcher 3. I guess I have 12 hours on record, but it never really gripped me in. I don’t even have it installed right now. Looks like I would have to run it in WINE though.

Jesus. I have 4x as many hours playing Stardew Valley than Witcher 3.

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I used to be the same. It wasn’t until I read The Witcher novels that I went back and beat that ■■■■ to death. That’s when it really shines.

I suppose the equivalent would be a Game of Thrones video game that recreated about a third of that entire world, had every major and minor character in it, writing as good as the book/show, every decision you make changes the world and you played as Dany.

I’ve never got into any of the telltale games. I think i started the walking dead and the batman ones. At least 5-10 minutes. Meh.

I’ve read every ASoIAF book. I want another book, not some silly game. tyvm.

I’m a Telltale fan-seriously, play the first season of The Walking Dead though, the story is mind blowing-but Witcher is a whole ‘nother level of epic.

It’s more like, imagine Game of Thrones the book series had been completed for a decade and someone came along like, here’s a chance to continue the story for hundreds of hours and play as your favorite character with all your other favorite characters.

Well, it’s in my Steam library, so there’s always a chance i’ll brush off the dust and reinstall it and give it a shot. I know everyone loves it, so I don’t know what’s wrong with me. (Truth be told, I think I had to retry getting into Fallout 3 a few times back in the day). Right now I’m a bit burnt out from any games. I went straight into lovecraftian horror after League of Legends burn out. Talking politics is less stressful.

I love Fallout. Finished 3 at least three times. Finished 4 nearly 3 times. Have tried to finish Vegas mutliple times but a game killing but on the X-box 360 makes it unfinishable as the save file eventually grows to large and makes the game unloadable.

I’ve finished Skyrim twice and most recently was nearly level 200 with my character thanks to being able to reset your skills for further leveling. Easily have 400 hrs into it. Having several hundred hours into Oblivion as well.

I’ve never been able to make it more than a few hours in the Witcher 3. I forced myself past the boring prologue and into the actual world and forced myself through a few hours before being so bored.

It seems like something I should like, I just don’t.

Fallout 3 was initially described as Oblivion with guns. If you love Skyrim then I assume you played Oblivion, the prior Elder Scrolls game that came out on the last generation of games. If not get it. Its not quite as pretty as Skyrim given its older and the leveling system is quirky but its every bit as fun as Skyrim. Seriously, if you haven’t played it try it. Just make sure you understand the quirky leveling system first else you’ll soon find yourself underpowered fast and have to start over. Basically you pick 5 core skills for your character and when you’ve increased each skill a combined 5 times total (I think that was the number) you level up and can increase you power stats based on how many actual skills you increased. Problem is that you level after just five skill increases which gives a minimal power bonus relative to the max possible which requires something like 15 skill bonuses. What that means is you have to pick core skills that you don’t use regularly and can control the leveling - so warrior pick magic stuff, mages pick warrior stuff, etc. You end up doing a lot of grinding on non essential attributes so that you can level with max bonuses.