Fake news thinks President Trump caved


Mueller’s not investigation Hillary, that would be the DOJ.


Correct, the DOJ is investigation Hillary and Obama for their attempted coup.


Some people are just gluttons for punishment.


The whole Qanon concept is very strange in that people suspend belief in reality to make themselves feel good.


That’s not collusion, that’s treason.

I appreciate the chance to talk with scholars.


I feel the same way about the fake news that accused President Trump of colluding with Russians.


Reality doesn’t come from any of the fake news that accused the President of colluding with Russians.


Are you Fed up with Liberal Fake Mainstream Media News also?

The lies they tell, just keep getting more and more fairytalish, that they
seem to just keep making things up so randomly, that they don’t even seem to
be believable any more.

They were never that trustworthy, but it just seems to be getting
worse and worse. Almost as if they’re pushing as hard as they can for their
Socialist Agenda. One big push. Willing to say anything, even when they
know it’s ** and not true.


They need to take acting lessons they look so fake.


That complaint might hold water if cons here (and on TV) didn’t constantly use ‘fake news’ as reliable sources when it suits their purposes.


The way I can tell if they’re fake news is if they pushed that Russian collusion lie, how do you?


Pretty much any source critical of Trump, right?


Pushing the Russian collusion was a lie not something critical, so who ever pushed that lie has zero credibility. Narrows it down to what’s credible out there.


Never mind that there’s an investigation going on, Trump associates are being indicted and have been shown to be liars about their involvement with Russians during the campaign.


Sorry but the fake news is jerking your leg, Trump has been cleared of any Russian collusion by the House and the Senate.


I’ll reserve judgement until all investigations are complete.


By whether the story turns out to be true. It’s a case-by-case thing.

You should quit attacking the collusion meme. It will take care of itself.
It’s time to run interference for all the other stuff he’s getting investigated.

The fact that Trump will call the NYTs ‘fake news’ and then sit down with them for an interview should tell you something - and it’s not that the NYTs is fake news.


By that standard I guess Hillary was cleared concerning Benghazi, correct?


So how are all of those mass arrests going?


Other stuff, like what?