Fake news thinks President Trump caved

February 15 the Government will shut down again if this illegal immigration problem isn’t fix period. That’s not caving, that’s saying pull your head out of your back side or it’s shut down again. Perhaps it’s time for them too except the facts.

Citation, 17:45 seconds in to the video he says he will close the Government down or declare a state of an emergency.

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The senate republicans will not allow another shutdown…


Trump caved because Senate republicans were about to mutiny, but thanks for the laugh.


Thank you for this OP!

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he caved. he gained nothing from the shut down. he’s in the exact same position he was before the shut down.

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No wall that Mexicans were supposed to pay for, period.

Our host is replaying Donald’s speech in full. It sounds even more incoherent the second time around.


If someone told you that, stop listening to them.

The republicans put the spurs on Trump.

How is shutting it down 15 February caving?

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it’s only January 25th…

still stuck on that who’s paying for it when there are so many victims of illegal immigration?

To be fair, he’s not in the exact same position. Some of the CEC has turned on him and his disapproval numbers have jumped.

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Till the 15 Feb, it will happen again so plan for it.

the Coultergeist strikes again.

He’s not shutting it down again. :laughing:


Yes he will.

Nobody thinks the government is going to be shut down again. Cept weedster.


F15 is the new D5… how’d that turn out for you?

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