Fake news thinks President Trump caved


Spent on illegals.


Just because someone takes 1 step back, doesn’t mean that they can’t
advance two or 3 steps forward later on, against the same opponents.

Sometimes in life, it’s good to take a step back.
Would you not agree with this?


Here is some good news, based off of US code 284 President Trump doesn’t need Congress to build the wall.


One little flaw in this theory… 10 USC 284 only allow the military to support counterdrug efforts, it does not allow violations of the misappropriations act… In other words, how would they purchase the supplies to actually build a wall?


I’m not worried about that based of the crises.


LOL… So when a federal court issues an injunction and we have troops standing around waiting for materials to build a wall while the case makes it’s way through court you will claim success? 10 USC 284 does nothing to rectify the rights of the private property owners who would be impacted.


Will see.


We will see? There is no way for Trump to secure supplies for the actual wall without violating federal law. It’s a feature, not a bug…


Someone is getting impatient… Will be interesting to see who in the GOP will help set a precedent that a national emergency can be used like this if that is what Trump is hinting.



I think everyone who wants a wall should give up their day job, grab some bags of cement and a cement mixer and head to the border. Donald needs your help people!


I you can’t to that without socialized medicine, I don’t know what to tell you.


You think?

I think this another vanity project for Trump. He loves to adorn his name on big buildings/structures in giant block letters. A tribute to his “greatness”.

He would love nothing better than to be able to gloat about “Trump’s wall”.

If this thing actually gets built, that’s exactly what he will do. Mark these words.


Support the security not the drug and human trafficking is all I can say.


I support not wasting taxpayer money on Donald Trump’s ego.


Well apparently Trump cannot.


What does protecting the American people from this illegal immigration problem have to do with any ones ego for that matter?


“Fake News” thinks that Trump has caved on so many things.

Than again, they do enjoy making up story after story.
So it’s hard to understand if what they’re saying is just opinion that they’re
making up, or actually some what based on facts, if ever.


The president told you his intel chiefs told him that reports of their testimony was fake news.

That was fake news. That was from the president.

What say you?


I’m sorry. I’m not that famous.

I don’t talk to the President. I wish I did! That would be awesome!
But I don’t.


I follow one rule, if they accused President Trump of colluding with the Russians they are 100% fake news!