Fake news thinks President Trump caved


The president talks to you. Now he’s saying his intel chiefs are dumb and fake. Good thing we have Donald “stable genius” Trump in charge.


So we can look to votes from previous Congresses and institute their will over today’s congress?


“Democrats have voted for a wall so what’s the problem?”


Republicans helped pass the 1994 Assult Weapons ban. 9 Republican Senators voted for it. It passed 54-47. It would not have passed if not for Republican votes. So why won’t they vote OT even allow to come up for a vote a new assult weapons ban or even simple things like universal background checks?


Why, they’re probably influenced by Globalists billionaires too.


Fake News spews so much random illogical and irrational hate.
No wonder there ratings and trust levels are down so much.


Nice dodge. I know you don’t talk to him, but you do listen to him.

We can pretend you’re not familiar.


I listen, but at least I’m objective, unlike most Trump supporters,
and most Democrats in general.

I don’t blindly follow anybody. I listen, and study things, and make up my
own mind.


You’re a hoot.


You may not blindly follow but somehow you end up the same place those who do blindly follow end up. Refusing, or at least reluctant to offer any criticism of Trump. How’s that figure into your objective observations?


Trump didn’t sell guns to drug cartels like Obama, Trump didn’t lie about Benghazi like Obama, Trump didn’t give the country Iran that funds terrorism billions like Obama, Trump didn’t weaponize the Intelligence community against a political candidate like Obama, Trump didn’t spy on a political candidate like Obama did, Trump didn’t lie and say you can keep your Doctor like Obama, Trump didn’t let the Chinese into Hillary’s privet server like Obama, Trump didn’t sell Americas uranium to the Russians like Obama.


Keep up the agitprop, comrade! How’s St. Petersburg around this time of the year?


Speechless are you, me to, that’s one hell of an act of treason from Obama.


Just to address a couple of your well researched conclusions…

Trump didn’t lie about keeping your doctor. He lied about having a plan to make things better.
The Russians don’t get the uranium.


Let’s suppose Russians got all of U1’s Uranium. In 2016, they produced like 23 tons. In comparison, the US exported about 7500 tons in total to the Russian Federation between 2010-2012. Uranium is a globally traded commodity, this isn’t a big deal.


Socialized medicine is a fantasy, the future Jim Crow plane is slavery by taxation.


Selling Americas uranium to the enemy is an act of treason unfortunately for Maxin Waters.


We do billions and billions in commerce with Russia. It is not treason. I know things are viewed differently in the mother land…


Nothing to do with the threat created by selling uranium to Americas enemy.


Why didn’t P90X Paul, Cocaine Mitch, and Dumpster Donnie fix all this when they had control of everything? Guess Republicans didn’t much care. Or they know Donnie is dumb.


That didn’t happen.