Fake News! Morning Joke Runs With Unconfirmed Phony Story

Yesterday the clowns at morning joke took a few seconds to slam the president because of an uncorfirmed report that a child had died while in custody at a border detention center.

After a quick commercial break the cheating lovebirds came back and self-corrected, but made no attempt to apologize for their error or to apologize to the president or border agents for this irresponsible attack.

And they wonder why they’re called fake news.

I’m sure all of the fake news apologists don’t care, or will be along to continue to push the lie. Have at it.

How does that make them “fake news”?

They reported, they discovered what they reported was incorrect, and in a matter of minutes they corrected their reporting.

That they didn’t make some needless apology is not evidence they are “fake news”.

Their admission they got it wrong and the correction is all that was needed.

It certainly seems in the age of Trump that way too many people have no clue how journalism works.



So a reporter made a mistake, then corrected their mistake at the earliest possible moment once they realized their mistake. Oh, the horror!!! Damn reporters for being human and making mistakes!!!


Using emotional propaganda, regardless of it’s accuracy in what’s being depicted has been the mode of operandi in attacking everything Trump.

Well this wouldn’t happen if they paid attention to our gaffe free President and his gaffe free spokespersons, especially that gem of a press Secretary Sarah Sanders.



The assumption is always, of course, that it wasn’t a mistake…that they did this on purpose.

What it must be like to live in a reality where you believe everyone’s always plotting against what you believe is something I cannot even begin to imagine.


The assumption is that they are supposed to be professionals and not amateurs. An amateur would make this mistake but a professional knows to verify it’s accuracy before you publicize it as the truth. They didn’t do that. Although it could be considered an accident, it also exposes them as the liberal amateurs that they are and the non-apology confirms it.

How wonderful it must be for you to have never EVER made a mistake in your life.

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Yeah, it’s got to be nerve - racking to live with the pressure of that level of paranoia. I can’t imagine living life that way.

IMO this was done on purpose for sensationalism.

Taking FAKE news to new lows.

You would think one of the right leaning outlets would grow weary of losing to FOX and decide to tilt to the middle right and compete with FOX.

Instead they wallow in a sea of fake sensationalism and tabloid journalism.

While I agree, they should have verified before airing. Yes yes 24 hour news cycle and what not but still. Why not confirm before running with it?

If a mistake is totally avoidable and yet you make it, the question then becomes…are you the best person for that job?

As a businessman, if I make a mistake, I pay for it right then and am reminded of it in a financial statement at the end of the month. This does tend to reduce mistakes significantly.

Yes of course that’s your opinion. I wonder then when fox identifies a republican accused of sexual abuse as a Democrat is that an honest mistake?

Sounds like a spouse that jumps to extremes when issues are discussed…

We all make mistakes. We all don’t scream a rhetorical version of fire for a 10 minute segment and then “fix” it to pretend to have a scrap of integrity.

Now that we have your attention…

And you hold FoxNews to the same standards? You’re all over their asses when they make mistakes?

Probably since the error does not really impact the headline. It is the sexual abuse accusation that is the meat of the story.

Why don’t you start a thread when they make a mistake such as this and let’s find out?

Yeah and them making sure to identify that person is a Democrat is totally innocent. You are one heck of Partisan campy

They used the unconfirmed story as a direct attack on the president and the border policies being enforced.

They did not correct that. They didn’t attempt to correct that. Fake news!

And I should also point out that it’s the kind of thing you might see from LouC or some other rabid Hannity board clown.

These two idiots have a paid news opinion show on a news network that is supposedly “one of the good ones”.

Fake news!