Fake news failure leads to FBI raid

Did you notice Mueller came out and saved the fake news. We had the new media caught in the act of a fake news cycle. It’s fake news anatomy completely laid out for all to see.

The media had what they thought was the perfect videos clip. A kid in a MAGA hat disrespecting an Indian "elder. " The Indian tells the media the kids were engaging in in racist behavior to not only to him, but to young black men too. Perfect, time for all to freak out as usual.

Then complete videos comes out, and it’s nothing like the media reported. We all learn the truth. The video is completely edited to make the kid look bad. It’s not in any way representative of what really happened. FAKE NEWS! The kids were just waiting for a bus, and get verbally attacked by hyper racist black men. Then an leftist activist heads towards them finds some kid, yells and beats a drum in his face trying to provoke him.

The kid is interviewed and is 100 time smarter than the interviewer, and defends himself perfectly, and shows what a great kid he is. Just when the news is getting out to main street that everything they have seen and was reported in the last day or so was completely fake, and made up. Boom, we have CNN tipped to a completely unnecessary raid on old man who is no danger to anyone, who will come to the office down, if asked.

If they had just let the old man give himself up, it would not have been dramatic enough to knock the kids out of the fake news cycle, so they go for the on camera raid and the drama. Worked perfectly.

The raid serves another propose too. It’s to intimidate anyone but the rich and well connected from entering politics. And the saddest part of all is the people loving it, just because they hate the guy who is president. They give no thought to the effect this will have on our future.

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The drummer just won’t back down even after the story was outed and he was completely informed that it was a 15 year old he was picking on.

Separate a 15 year old at the border to see if they are being exploited and it is hysteria time.

Bang your drum in the face of a 15 year old? No problem, should have kicked him in the shin too.


I must say, there are some wild conspiracy theories out there.

This one is up there.

Every time something bad happens to Trump or one of his goons, someone always seems to find an explanation as to why Mueller did what he did.

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This isn’t the first time I have seen the charge made that Stone’s arrest (a real issue with long term impacts) was to distract from the kerfuffle and wrong public shameing of the MAGA kid ( a non issue with no long term impact)… so I have to wonder… where is this coming from?


Roger Stone, the Manchurian coffee boy.

The whole Stone Manafort lobbyists agency of the 80’s is unsettling

Stones minor process crime is nothing compare to this FBI led coup we are all seeing. You have the unelected trying to take out a duly elected president. Worst scandal in our history.

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that everytime something negative happens to Trump, his administration, or his associates his sycophants conjure up an excuse to push blame on someone else?


That is just pure fiction. I bet many leftist believe something like this… Because they want too.

Yep, just a process crime.

We all know there was no reason to arrest Stone at his house with all those agents. So why did it happen? And if you believe CNN was not tipped, I feel sorry for you!

Some guy on Twitter is not news…

Poor deluded lefties…

CNN is fake news…

That was quick! :rofl:

They already forgot being ginned up on Cohen fake news. Really sad!

Good for him. Mueller doesn’t need him. Mueller has what he wants.

The purpose of the “pre-dawn raid” was only partially to take Stone into custody. The larger, much larger, fear-in-the-pit-of-the-stomach reason for Donald John Trump, was to exercise the search warrants in the Mueller team’s hands to take possession of all Roger Stone’s electronic devices before anything untoward happened to the data recorded thereon.

Nah, you don’t all know that. Folks say that, but it’s what they say to make themselves feel better about the abhorrent recrudescence of people they support.

The real reason was for the search warrants, not the arrest warrant.

BTW, just in case the Mueller investigation gets accused of leaking an arrest again, Don jr. is next.


Well… you got part of that right.

The last sentence… but it is right.