Fact or Fiction? President Obama grew government employement during his 8 years in office

That would only account for roughly 28 positions, not 132,800.

The actual shedding of govt employment came between 2q of 2010 and 2015 where the jobs lost totaled 1,000,000. The government shrunk like crazy. The tea party days. Government began to hire back about 500,000 by the time obama left office but there was a net loss of jobs in the public sector during obama 2 terms as president. So the answer is indeed fiction. Thanks cheaters for spoiling my fun.


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According to FRED, there was a decrease.

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I don’t know why anyone would want to work for the government. Worst job ever…

its all voluntary, there is nothing but duty to your country. I would have worked for the govt. alas when I was looking for a job 32 years ago, there were no govt jobs that were open.


Government jobs today are not the same jobs as 32 years ago.

I just got contacted about a job with a city. No Vacation time, no sick time, no benefits, no bonus. Nothing. And this is for a supervisory position!

We know Obama created four spy contractors to spy on anyone that opposed him, thanks to Admiral Roger’s shutting it down.

Are you talking about Government job like that?

What city was that? Was it as a contractor or as an employee?

I don’t want to get into too much detail because it was through a recruiting agency, but I was disappointed by the offer.

It was a contract through the city. The pay was not enough to warrant the work.

But the city was not the “employer.”

That’s the idea! You will be a company of one, contracted to work for the city.

That’s not the same thing as having a government job.

Yes, it’s hard to find a “real” government job. Doing contract work for the government is still a government job. You just have a middle man known as an employer that takes their cut.

No, it is not. You misrepresented your job offer. If you’re a contractor, the government is not expected to pay for your benefits.

Ok, whatever…

Are we talking just Federal or all government; State, local and Federal???


Clear stated in the op. government employment.

Fact or fiction?. @peek-a-boo

Just answer the question.

Either it went up or down under obama.


I answered the question with my link. Everything you are looking for is there.

I looked at the link stopped in 2012.

so. fact or fiction? President Obama grew government employment during his 2 terms as president.