Fact or Fiction? President Obama grew government employement during his 8 years in office

Yet another wublic sector onderful installment of fact or fiction.

simple yet powerful question.

Did President Obama grow public sector employment during his term in office?

now of course i have picked this little gem from the calculated risk blog, so no fair googling or going to CR for the answer.

so yes or no?


According to right wing media…yes.

Obama decreased federal spending as % of GDP

It’s what the CEC reported repeatedly. Why would they lie?

So is it true?

I remember Limbaugh saying he added a quarter million government workers to the payroll. I have no idea if it was true.

From what I can recall didn’t the sequester play a big role in this?

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So is it fact or fiction, EK

No wall sitting allowed.


Well to fair to Limbaugh, there was a spike in govt employment in 2009-2010 like there is every 10 years to conduct the constitutionally required census. But they were let go after it is through

Clinton had a similar spike in 2000. 43 had one in 1990. Carter in 1980. Trump will have his spike too next year.

But the question for his 2 terms in office. Not a specified date.


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Obama did add thousands of new IRS agents to enforce Obamacare so on that alone I’d have to say YES!

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And they’re still employed by the fat donald administration. Why hasn’t he fired every single one of them?

Since they are auditing him, disingenuous libs would file a law suit saying he is trying to punish the IRS or intimidate the IRS or reduce their staff to where they can’t do an effective auditing job on him

You know that is 100% true.

Yes I cheated, but for the believers in here, Trump has (thus far) almost increased public sector jobs by the same amount that Obama reduced them, proving that he will reverse ANY Obama policy no matter what. Hooray for the small government Trumpists!


Fat donald doesn’t doesn’t give a rats ass what libs think or what they’ll do. :rofl::rofl:
He needs to fire these IRS employees ASAP.
Drain the swamp!

You talking about integrated labor months worked by executive branch employees and comparing it with same from Bush administration?

You can lower spending and hire more people

It’s fiction.

The public sector grew during Mr. Carter’s term (up 1,304,000), during Mr. Reagan’s terms (up 1,414,000), during Mr. G.H.W. Bush’s term (up 1,127,000), during Mr. Clinton’s terms (up 1,934,000), and during Mr. G.W. Bush’s terms (up 1,744,000 jobs). However the public sector declined significantly while Mr. Obama was in office (down 266,000 jobs).

During the first 23 months of Mr. Trump’s term, the economy has added 92,000 public sector jobs.

Read more at Calculated Risk: Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs During Presidential Terms

Reality doesn’t seem to matter any more to some people.

Are you counting soldiers? Was that up or down?

It counts all public service jobs, including military. There was a 133,200 drop in the number of military personnel over the course of President Obama’s 8 years. That means 132,800 jobs came from other areas.

How many czars did Obama have?