Fact Check: Fox news only accurate 22% of time

The new King if Fake News!

Sounds like a perfect match for Trump’s communication director… oh wait…

Birds of a feather…

Seems staged…

March 04th, 2016 is new?

This just in. Liberal fact checkers accurate 11% of the time.


The Jurasic period called, they want their news report back.

Then Megyn Kelly called, she was hoping that she woke up from a nightmare and was still on FNC!


Deep State provided that analysis.

Trump is cool.
Eat your peas.
Flush twice.
Cry moar, lib.
MAGA :us:


So let me grasp your logic.
Sunce 2016 Fox news has gotten their â– â– â– â–  together and now, UNDER Trump they decide to be factual?
Lol thats â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  absurd!


Anal-ysis by who exactly? Drilling down a bit…

_PolitiFact.com is a blog operated by the editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times, in which reporters and editors from the Times and affiliated media seek to fact-check statements by members of Congre_ss

It’s pretty easy to find fault by Fox when Fox is fact checked by deep blue liberals. Politifact works with the Poynter Institute. Check their site. At the TOP of their home page you’ll find Bob Sheefer Bob Sheefer, formally of CBS. A known liberal wacko.

Do your homework.


They need to live in the past, the present simply proves them wrong.

It’s like their little crying room.

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Known liberal???
Ok Roy Cohen

Dont trust your lying eyes.
FACTS are Trumps demise.
Scream Fake News all the way to hell if you want.
Won’t change whats on the horizon for what was once called GOP.

So, will it be Abolish FNC or Kill FNC.

Start the 20 second liberal clock!

Shaking head here Mx. chop. You just keep on thinking that way.

Anyone notice the piece leads off with a stunning picture of FORMER Fox News blaberette Me me me me me me Megs? If the author of the poll can’t even get that one right…oh my.

Girl and I have already beaten that dead horse.

However, you are welcome to continue. There is no horse so dead that you can’t beat it just a little more.

Oh, yeah, ancient history, it’s a whole new world at Fox… ride that horse.

Better to let FNC go right on doing what it’s doing.

It’s all about the gettin’ in the digs.

Can you dig it, baby?