Extraterrestrial aliens in congress

Evolution I suppose.

I disagree with anyone saying it’s not ours though.

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The point is if he gave details they can be verified or not.

For Grusch in particular, I find him less believable then people like Frayvor. I consider it a strong possibility that he maybe stumbled over some inconvenient fact and then was deliberately fed a bunch of disinformation about aliens to discredit him.

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This is a serious issue.

I believe that Disney has even produced a fairly new documentary on the subject. Something about “Secret Invasion”.


And you wouldn’t find it at all concerning if sitting congress people were giving it credence? Whether he is telling the truth or not, this is concerning all the way around.

it still stretches the limits of credibility

simply speaking laws of physics dont allow it

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I disagree if that vehicle is using the Force of Gravity to move rather than the Electroweak Force like we use for our current methods of propulsion. The laws of physics absolutely allows for it, just not in the ways we use 1/3 of physics.

In fact, our very technological existence is based almost entirely on the Electroweak Force. Gravity and the Strong Nuclear Force are two entirely different technologies to tame (much less even get started on, like the 200 years of Electroweak research and development).


Obviously we already know everything, that’s why we can’t even find most of what the universe is made of, dark energy and dark matter. We can only find about 5% of the total energy and mass involved so far.

Meanwhile, here is a cool tweet thread to keep an eye on, trying to duplicate the new room temperature super conductor paper.


Congress is made up of ETs?

I’ll buy it…

Laws of physics don’t allow for what?

I will say it, though.

If there are extraterrestrials and the Pentagon has been covering that up…we may have finally found a Congress insane enough to get to the bottom of that!


Such as funds allocated for other things being siphoned off to pay for secret programs.

Those are Angels. God will never allow us to decipher that until the end of the age.


I agree with this.

We have to assume that if Aliens were able to find us… they would have likely already figured out the bounds of physics that we haven’t even dreamt of. By that same token, we should be extremely worried if they found us…

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Of all the time e.t. could visit, they would pick this tard infested administration. I knew the tv miniseries V would come true someday.


give us some credit. we know a lot about physics actually as a meatbag species. “dark matter” and “dark energy” are merely contrivances to set incomplete cosmological models straight. there is no such thing.

they don’t allow for the breaking of laws of physics

for instance, nothing with a rest mass can go at or beyond the speed of light (in a vacuum).

i would have thought the electromagnetic force. the eweak force is responsible for things like beta decay

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even at the speed of light (or 99.999% of it) it would take forever to get anywhere meaningful in terms of exploration

no one breaks that law. not even ET